Snowflake & Cybersixgill Integration

Threat intelligence at cloud scale

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About Snowflake

To keep pace with the demands of today’s cloud workloads and reduce the operational limitations on security teams, Snowflake has expanded their cloud-native data management solution to security analytics, bringing big data to cybersecurity in a holistic security data lake.

The Challenge

Within Snowflake’s modern security data lake, threat intelligence is the fundamental fuel, delivering critical information and data about cyberthreats and the capabilities, opportunities and intent of the adversaries behind them. Yet, while cyberthreats continuously evolve and develop, many of the predominant threat intelligence methodologies remain rooted in the approaches of yesterday, confined by siloed teams, manual processes, outdated information, limited understanding of cyberthreats and threat actors and slow responses.

The Solution

Snowflake bridges the divide between internal enterprise data and security data sourced from external vendors. By partnering with Cybersixgill, Snowflake users can enrich their internal organizational datasets with Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence data through the Snowflake Data Marketplace at cloud scale.

This enables users to streamline the threat hunting process, accelerate incident prevention and response, create automations to block malicious IOCs in real-time and drive internal security applications and processes that improve their security posture.

The capabilities delivered by this partnership:

Consume real-time cyber threat intelligence directly from the Snowflake data lake

Combine threat intel with internal datasets in a centralized platform for full visibility into your threat landscape

Integrate SIEM capabilities at cloud scale, powered by the most extensive feed of CTI from the deep & dark web

Gain critical insights into malware related TTPs & trends to block emerging threats before they are deployed