IBM Security & Cybersixgill Integration

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About IBM Security

IBM QRadar SIEM sits at the core of the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, which applies automated, intelligent analytics to a vast amount of security data, providing security analysts with actionable insight into the most critical threats. This comprehensive platform brings together log management SIEM, network analysis, vulnerability management, user behavior analytics, threat intelligence and AI-powered investigations into one single platform managed from a single interface. Components of the solution are fully integrated, enabling customers to start as small or large as they choose and easily scale up or down as their needs change.

The Challenge

Organizations without preemptive threat intelligence are flying blind, much of the traditional threat research that organizations still rely on is a time consuming, labor-intensive process that can’t keep up with the threat landscape.

The Solution

With Darkfeed, IBM Qradar users can get real-time, actionable insights and block items that threaten their organization. Darkfeed’s contextual threat intelligence provides information for each IOC, giving you a leg up in triage and investigation. The feed is structured in the STIX format, allowing Qradar users to automatically consume and integrate it with their security systems, processes and methodologies. It is the only solution that provides users total context and predicts the immediate risks of a vulnerability based on threat actors’ intent, so users

The capabilities delivered by this partnership:

Automatically integrate IOCs into IBM Qradar and block threats before they cause damage

Pre-empt threats with early warnings of emerging malware threats

Level up your threat hunting for malicious IOCs in corporate networks

Enrich and track CVEs to gain a reliable prediction of whether they are likely to be exploited

Accurately understand the real impact of CVEs and effectively prioritize critical vulnerabilities straight from the Qradar dashboard