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March 7, 2023by Cybersixgill

Beyond the Headlines: This month’s critical cybersecurity threats and emerging dark web trends

New cybersecurity threats pop up at warp speed, and the cyber threats that make headlines get a lot of immediate attention, like the news about how threat actors use ChatGPT to produce malware.

Ransomware attacks continue to be frequent and devastating across industry groups, with high-profile cases like the cyberattack on Dole gaining much media attention.

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Understandably, companies that shut down because of a cyber attack are reluctant to share what went wrong, making it extremely difficult for outsiders to sift through what’s true, speculation, and innuendo.

With Cybersixgill’s Beyond the Headlines magazine, we present a curated summary of the most impactful cyber security trends and threats we have encountered as we trawl the Dark Web for information. We sort through the Dark Web forums and chat rooms, message boards, and markets, so you don’t have to. And we dissect all the media hype so you don’t waste time following a cybersecurity threat irrelevant to your business.

Here are some highlights from today’s eMag today.

Insurance and regulations:

Zurich Insurance Group, one of the largest and oldest European insurance companies, announced that it might stop covering cyberattacks because of the cost of rebuilding after an attack.

DevOps news:

The widely-used version-control system Git patched two critical zero-day vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-23521 and CVE-2022-41903) used by threat actors to execute malicious code.

We also curated a list of top CVEs to watch for January.

ChatGPT is not as secure as first announced:

As early as November of 2022, our Dark Web experts found chatter on the underground by malicious actors circumventing ChatGPT’s security measures. Threat actors could use ChatGPT to write malicious code faster than any human could.

Ransomware insights:

Cybersixgill’s Investigative Platform detected 177 ransomware attacks in January, compared to 216 in December, with the Lockbit ransomware responsible for almost 40 percent of the incidents. We will give you the full breakdown.

Malware insights:

Emotet continues to have the highest number of mentions on the underground, with more than 2,700 mentions picked up by Cybersixgill’s Investigative Platform

Beyond the Headlines: Get the latest threat insights, and industry news.

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