November 17, 2020by Cybersixgill

Why Today’s Threat Intelligence Must Be Modernized & How Cybersixgill Can Help

Are you a CISO satisfied with the comprehensiveness, reliability, agility, and efficiency of your company’s cyberthreat intelligence program? If you’re one of the lucky few who can answer in the affirmative, then you’re in an exceptional situation.

But the cybersecurity reality that most companies and organizations face is far different: Siloed teams, manual processes, limited understanding of cyberthreats and threat actors, and slow responses. Their approach to cybersecurity is outdated and overwhelmed – not for a lack of effort or competence, but because the cyberthreat landscape moves so quickly. The result is that companies are not as well protected as they need to be, and this gap keeps growing as cyberthreats continue to develop.

What these companies and organizations need is not simply more people, machines, and programs doing the same things they’re already doing. They need a modern approach to cyberthreat intel.

That’s why we recently asked IT research and analysis firm ESG to compile a report on the state of organizational cybersecurity and the ways Cybersixgill can help teams to modernize. The report, Cybersixgill and Threat Intelligence Modernization, utilizes ESG’s research on the gaps in companies’ cybersecurity and cyberthreat intel programs to show which big-picture changes they need to make in order to efficiently keep up with the ever-evolving threats they face. It also explains how Cybersixgill’s idea of Continuous Investigation/Continuous Protection uses intelligence from the dark web to identify threats before they materialize, enabling companies to protect themselves from attacks before they begin and generate fresh intel in the process.

Get the full report to learn:

What ESG’s statistical research can teach us about the gaps and inefficiencies in today’s cybersecurity programs.

In light of these problems, what major changes organizations need to make in order to modernize their threat intelligence programs.

How Cybersixgill’s unique combination of automation and a dark web-focused approach to threat intelligence empowers organizations to make these changes.

And to provide even more insight, we’re teaming up with ESG for an upcoming webinar on the hurdles facing today’s cyberthreat intel teams and how they can build the right combination of people, processes, and technologies to address these challenges with agility. The webinar will feature valuable lessons and actionable findings from Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst from ESG (who wrote the full report), and Omer Carmi, VP of Intelligence at Cybersixgill. You can sign up here to view the webinar – either in real time at 12:30 p.m. EST on Tuesday, December 1, or as an on-demand video afterwards.

How can today’s cyberthreat intelligence programs modernize, and how can Cybersixgill help? For valuable insights, download Cybersixgill and Threat Intelligence Modernization.

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