July 14, 2020by Cybersixgill

How Cybersixgill Detects Cyber Threats Before Others Can [White Paper]

Why does the dark web play such a critical role in the world of the world of cybercrime?

The short answer is that it enables threat actors to communicate with each with relative anonymity. But a more comprehensive explanation would need to look at the ways cybercriminals work together and their reasons for doing so. Many of these threat actors have financial motivations for their crimes; selling goods, services, and information via underground forums is a big part of how they make money. In other cases, threat actors simply look to the dark web to acquire or share useful information – for example, to improve their hacking skills or give advice to less-experienced hackers.

For anybody looking to prevent or mitigate online crime, all of that makes the dark web an information source worth paying attention to. The hard part is finding the right details.

So, how does Cybersixgill’s investigative portal help companies and organizations address the challenge of finding the right information on cyberthreats from the dark web? That’s the topic of a new white paper by David Strom, a leading information security expert with over 35 years of experience.

In this paper, Strom succinctly explains why the dark web is such a critical part of the cybercrime landscape – and how Cybersixgill’s portal can provide cybersecurity teams with clear visibility into their company’s threatscape along with contextual and actionable recommendations for remediation -- all from a single pane of glass. He also explores why automation and machine learning are essential tools enabling us to gather useful cyberthreat intelligence quickly and efficiently from the dark web.

We invite you to download this white paper and learn:

How the dark web has evolved into a sophisticated environment well suited to the needs of cybercriminals.

What steps these criminals take in the hopes of staying hidden from cybersecurity teams.

How Cybersixgill uses information from the underground to generate critical threat intelligence – without inadvertently tipping cybercriminals off to the fact that an investigation is underway.

Why Cybersixgill’s rich data lake, composed of the broadest collection of exclusive deep and dark web sources, enables us to detect indicators of compromise (IOCs) before conventional, telemetry-based cyberthreat intelligence solutions can do so.

Which factors businesses and organizations need to consider when choosing a cyber threat intelligence solution.

The dark web isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and neither are cybercriminals’ efforts to use its underground forums to communicate without getting caught. The question is how to harness dark web data to investigate, prioritize and respond to threats targeting their organization.  To learn how Cybersixgill’s investigative portal leverages the dark web to give you the insights you need to protect your business’ critical assets, click below and download How Cybersixgill Solutions Help Minimize Your Cyber Risk by information security expert David Strom.

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