by Delilah Schwartz, Cybersixgill & Dallas Young, Torq

Turning Intelligence Into Action with Cybersixgill and Torq

No matter the industry, geography, or organizational size, cybersecurity teams are united by their many shared challenges: talent shortages, expanding attack surfaces driven by digitization and remote work, increasing velocity of software development, and the rapidly growing scope and sophistication of global cybercrime. In response, these teams have embraced and incorporated a range of specialized tools within their defensive arsenal in attempt to address and resolve these issues. Threat intelligence and security automation solutions form the front lines of their battle, yet these pillars of the cybersecurity ecosystem are often disconnected, creating a dangerous gap between intelligence and action.

By integrating actionable, relevant, context-rich threat intelligence within orchestration automation tools and processes, security teams can unlock the full potential of their existing security stacks - saving precious time and resources while streamlining response and remediation. 

Turning Intelligence Into Action with Cybersixgill and Torq

Cybersixgill and Torq have partnered to bridge the divide between intelligence and action, operationalizing Cybersixgill’s market-leading threat intelligence through next gen security hyperautomation with Torq. With this strategic partnership, we have pioneered end-to-end, no-intervention threat protection, helping to dramatically reduce MTTR  through customizable, automated workflows and playbooks, triggered by context-rich threat intelligence extracted in real-time from the cybercriminal underground.

Using Torq’s library of automation components, organizations can build an automation infrastructure to orchestrate immediate responses to Cybersixgill’s early warnings of potential threats, allowing teams to build automated, alert-triggered playbooks with any other tool in their environment - without writing a single line of code. 

Alerts from Cybersixgill’s rich threat intelligence insights can be programmed to autonomously initiate incident response workflows in Torq to instantly remediate issues at the first indication of a potential threat. Alternatively, security teams can harness Cybersixgill’s rich threat context to create automated threat hunting workflows, triggering data enrichment upon the arrival of an event or signal discovered through any other security tool. 

Torq and Cybersixgill make it easy for teams to turn manual security processes into automated, intelligence-driven workflows within minutes, eliminating reactive processes to build a resilient, proactive cybersecurity posture.

Torq Cybersixgill Interview at RSAThe Benefits of the Combined Solution

Cybersixgill gives users covert access to our complete body of context-rich threat intelligence from the deep, dark & clear web, including limited-access forums and markets, invite-only messaging groups, code repositories, paste sites and clear web platforms. We correlate our threat intelligence with each customers’ defined organizational assets, alerting teams to relevant threats at the earliest indication of risk, enabling preemptive action to be taken before they can materialize into an attack.

Torq’s enterprise-grade security hyperautomation platform unifies and automates the entire security infrastructure to deliver unparalleled protection and productivity. Torq drives maximum value and efficiency from existing security investments. It supercharges security teams with powerful, easy-to-use no-code, low-code, and full-code workflows that reduce manual tasks, freeing security professionals to focus on higher-value strategic activities.

Together, the combined solutions help users:

  • Reduce risk with automated end-to-end intelligence-driven security workflows: Identify, capture and block threats as they emerge with seamlessly deployed playbooks to accelerate Mean Time to Respond and better secure your environment. 

  • Save time and maximize team productivity: Eliminate manual work with automated workflows triggered by actionable and relevant threat intelligence data - built and deployed in minutes with no need for developers, professional third party services or month-long implementation delays

  • Minimize cost and maximize resources: with a consolidated end-to-end no-intervention threat protection solution that allows you to make the most out of your existing security stack, with faster time to value.

  • Optimize operations: by automating repeatable security processes, allowing you to shift valuable resources to higher priority tasks.

To see complete details on how the Cybersixgill and Torq solution works, check out the solution brief. Or, reach out to schedule a personalized demo.

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