March 7, 2023by Cybersixgill

Ebook: A tour of the underground internet

The deep, dark web – or underground – is where cybercriminals have access to tools and resources to help them launch their next attack. The underground is also where cyber defenders like you want to be to gain the insights needed to proactively defend organizations from cybercrime and attacks. Unfortunately, as many cybersecurity professionals have repeatedly experienced, finding and monitoring the right dark web sources and intelligence through manual methods is easier said than done. It’s a challenging process that frequently leads to analyst fatigue and delayed actions.

For instance, many dark web sites deploy tools that prevent bots and web crawlers from accessing the site. Unfortunately, when encountering these mechanisms, you could be placed in a queue and have to wait to be admitted to the source, or you may have to click through a series of questions and challenges to prove that you are a human (e.g., clicking specific images or checking the “I’m not a robot” box). Overcoming these roadblocks can be one of the most laborious aspects of dark web investigations. On top of this, dark web sources are often unreliable and unstable and may go down without warning. If that happens, any data will instantly vanish.

It’s time to re-think your cyber security strategy. Bring your cyber threat intelligence (CTI) program to the next level and better defend against the threats that pose the most significant risk to your organization through automated, proactive dark web intelligence.

As discussed in our latest ebook Tour of the Underground, learn step-by-step what you need to do to stay ahead of threats targeting your organization. In the ebook, you’ll learn the following:

What is the dark web, and the different types of sources that can be found

How to discover and access dark web sources

How to extract information, and what you get with manual vs. paid intelligence

Benefits of adding dark web intelligence to your CTI arsenal

Recommendations to get ahead of threats

Learn more about automating threat detection across the deep, dark, and clear web and block threats before they materialize.

Download Tour of the Underground

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