February 16, 2023by Cybersixgill

4 threat intelligence predictions you need to know now

In the next of our blog series, looking into threat intelligence findings from our 2023 trends series, we delve into the top four cybersecurity threat intelligence predictions that organizations need to know NOW to protect themselves from an attack.

Whether the economy is booming or busting, cybercrime is not ending anytime soon. Instead, the coming year will see new and increasingly sophisticated tactics, techniques, and procedures. In 2023, Cybersixgill predicts that the following methods and events will significantly influence the cybercrime underground:

Messaging platforms will continue to become more popular, but the most sophisticated cybercrime will still happen on traditional web forums. Messaging platforms encompass cybercrime in quantity and dark web forums in quality. Both are critical to follow to understand the threat landscape.

Double extortion ransomware will continue to be the preferred attack technique for large cybercrime groups. In this method, an attacker exfiltrates an organization’s data, encrypts its devices, and then threatens to release data unless the victim pays a ransom. It is a “perfect” cybercrime and much easier to monetize.

The war in Ukraine will not have much effect on cybercrime. There was initial speculation about the split between Russian and Ukrainian threat actors and its impact on the dark web. However, we could not determine any effect on the bottom line for ransomware or general activity.

If the cryptocurrency industry collapses, the business of cybercrime will change. The crash of cryptocurrency prices and exchanges has not immediately affected cybercrime. But criminals will have no decent alternative if exchanges close or tokens go to zero.

Do you want to know how attackers use image generators and GPTs and finding vulnerabilities in code? Read the trends report to discover how malicious actors use AI to tip the scales into a successful cyberattack.

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