February 22, 2023by Adi Bleih

New threat actor selling hacking tools package

On February 12, a threat actor posted in a forum selling various hacking tools that can be used for malicious purposes. The threat actor offers different tools, each with its purpose.

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The first tool, “working script CVE-2021-34473”, is a prepared source code that can gain access to the attacker by exploiting this vulnerability on endpoints with a Microsoft exchange server. This tool costs $200 and includes a video tutorial and installation assistance.

The second tool, “manual how to bypass 2FA in VPN with cookies”, which is a manual, will guide threat actors with bypassing VPN providers that are using two-factor authentication, most of the time by sending the password to the source mail, by using cookies that save the information for this process. The asked price for this manual is $100.

The pack contains four tools, whereas the third and fourth are manuals. The entire package costs $900, but if buying all at once, the threat actor offers a discount to lower the price to $555.

On underground forums, actors share all sorts of introductory hacking tools that can help aspiring threat actor begin their journey. These tools are often bundled into what is known as cracking packs or hacking packs—large directories that include several up to a few dozen hacking tools.

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