July 27, 2020by Cybersixgill

Sixgill Partners with Cyware to Deliver Proactive Threat Intelligence

We are happy to announce our partnership with Cyware, a leading provider of threat intelligence and cyber fusion solutions, to offer Cyware customers industry leading automated intelligence through Cybersixgill Darkfeed™. This new partnership is a force multiplier in Cyware's unique virtual cyber fusion centers, adding Cybersixgill's contextual and actionable insights and empowering security teams to proactively anticipate and block threats.

The integration delivers data from Darkfeed, Cybersixgill's automated stream of indicators of compromise (IOCs), into the Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange (CTIX), an advanced threat intelligence platform (TIP). With powerful new levels of visibility, security teams will obtain actionable insights to help them more quickly and accurately identify, track, and neutralize threat actors targeting their organization.

"By integrating Darkfeed into Cyware's platform, we're introducing new levels of customization and power to security teams," said Ron Shamir, Vice President of Products & Technology Alliances at Cybersixgill. "Now, Cyware users will have access to the widest breadth of threat intelligence, right at their fingertips, so they can stay ahead of malicious actors in real-time."

Darkfeed produces data in several formats, including STIX, meaning it seamlessly integrates with Cyware's threat intelligence platform and provides users with the ability to better anticipate attacks and proactively protect their organizations. Powered by Cybersixgill's unmatched intelligence collection capabilities, Darkfeed offers users automated and exclusive visibility into their threat environment and early warnings to mitigate threats targeting their organization.

Cyware's CTIX platform can ingest data from any source and in any format and make it operational and actionable for security teams. Users can also leverage customizable automation throughout the threat intelligence lifecycle using advanced security orchestration to move faster and take precise action against threats.

"Security teams are looking for intelligence that is valuable and relevant to their organization and they need a way to operationalize it," said Amit Patel, VP of Sales - Americas, at Cyware. "By joining forces with Cybersixgill, our joint customers will now have access to intelligence from the deep and dark web and be able to leverage it to prevent and mitigate threats using the CTIX platform."

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