May 9, 2021by Cybersixgill

Cybersixgill Darkfeed Now Available to ServiceNow Customers on the Store

Increased efficiency. Heightened accuracy and reliability. Greater speed, agility, and scalability.

In today’s business environment, it’s not hard to see the main benefits of digital transformation. But to realize all those benefits while managing the risk posed by cyber threats, companies and organizations need cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. And cyber threat intelligence is a key area they need to focus on, so that they have the insights they need – when they need them – to take action and mitigate the threats they face.

That’s why today, we at Cybersixgill are excited to announce that ServiceNow customers can now take advantage of our Darkfeed threat intelligence feed – making it easy for them to reap the benefits of our unmatched cyber threat intelligence capabilities.

For more information on the integration and what it means for cyberthreat intelligence, check out our press release.

ServiceNow customers have two new ways they can tap into the power of Cybersixgill Darkfeed:

Integrate Darkfeed into the ServiceNow platform for access to the indicators of compromise (IOCs) that Cybersixgill identifies by automatically collecting and analyzing threat intelligence from the deep and dark web.

Enrich their existing IOCs with Darkfeed to gain context and essential explanations in order to accelerate their incident prevention and response.

How Can Customers Access These Two Solutions, And What’s The Difference?

Both options are now available from the ServiceNow Store, making it easier for companies and organizations to get the details they need about the most urgent cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Integrating Darkfeed into the ServiceNow platform allows customers to view the latest IOCs from Cybersixgill, along with useful contextual information about each threat. Meanwhile, the option of enriching an existing feed of IOCs with Darkfeed enables customers to view helpful background information about the threats identified within their existing feed. This background information can help customers both to understand the nature of a potential threat and to determine the best course of action to mitigate the risk it poses.

Perhaps most importantly, what the two options have in common is that they let ServiceNow customers tap into the intelligence capabilities of Darkfeed to utilize actionable and timely threat intel from the deep and dark web.

Like our Investigative Portal (which ServiceNow customers can also use to perform deep dive investigations on threats and threat actors online), Darkfeed identifies IOCs based on chatter on the deep and dark web. Leveraging our automated approach to gathering and analyzing information, along with the world’s most comprehensive data lake of information from the deep and dark web, both the Investigative Portal and Darkfeed stand out for their ability to help cybersecurity professionals realize the deep and dark web’s threat intelligence potential.

Since the dark web is the go-to communication channel for hackers and other threat actors looking to stay anonymous, it can also serve as a gold mine of cyber threat intelligence. And because these threat actors often turn to the dark web to communicate and do research before committing a cybercrime, threat intel from the dark web can often reveal criminal plots before other threat intelligence solutions can.

The upshot for ServiceNow customers? Making the most of that threat intel just got a whole lot easier.

How can our new integration help you get more out of the ServiceNow platform? To see for yourself, check out the Darkfeed integration and Darkfeed enrichment solutions in the ServiceNow Store.

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