March 1, 2023by Adi Bleih

Scammers are selling Amazon products on the dark web at a deep discount

Refunding, which involves defrauding eCommerce vendors by claiming undeserved refunds, exploits couriers and retailers, seizing technical loopholes in delivery and customer support services while leveraging emotionally manipulative social engineering.

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On February 20, a group of threat actors posted in an underground forum offering refund services on Amazon. The group offers a full refund on the customer’s product and takes a share of 20% of the product price as payment.

Besides services, the group offers training which costs about $200, teaching the user how to perform the methods independently.

Nevertheless, the training involves ordering items and practicing different refund methods, which will only be paid for by the customer.

Moreover, the group guarantees they will bring the user to his first successful refund and continue supporting him in all his orders afterward.

Amazon has become the most popular retail brand suffering from refund attacks over the last few years. Due to this, we find more threat actors aiming at this vendor and other known eCommerce platforms with new refund methods.

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