June 10, 2020by Cybersixgill

We Got a Makeover! Say Hello to Cybersixgill’s New User Interface

Everyone needs to jazz things up a little bit and threat intelligence portals are no different. We are happy to share our new investigative portal with a spectacularly intuitive user interface, making it faster and easier for you to find the most important information you need. In addition to upgrading the design we have added useful details and insights to help you identify the most pressing trends and threats at a glance.

At the heart of the new user interface is the portal’s main dashboard, which now offers you a consolidated look at the various types of information regarding dark-web activity that we offer our clients. This way, the details we provide are more accessible and more actionable – both for individuals and for teams.

Specifically, the top of the main dashboard now highlights:

The latest threat alerts for your specific company or organization, including the numbers of imminent and emerging threats, as well as recent threat alerts that you have not yet addressed.

Graphs showing recent trends (from the past seven days) in the frequency of various threat types, such as compromised accounts, web attacks, fraud, DDoS attacks, and more. These charts make it easy to visually identify the most pressing risks for you to focus on.

Intelligence reports offering high-level analysis of trends and events in the underground. Leveraging Cybersixgill’s best-in-class collection from the underground, the new reporting functionality automatically extracts insights from the data, giving you a better understanding of your overall threat landscape.

Portal_Main Dashboard_scrubbed (1)

Getting the big picture

At its core, the new user interface is about making the information we provide as accessible and actionable as possible. With a broader variety of useful insights on the dashboard, now you can quickly find the details you need as soon as you enter our portal. With graphs showing key trends from the past week, now you can visually identify any threat types seeing a sharp increase or decrease in activity on the dark web. And with convenient task-management tools right on the dashboard’s list of alerts, now you can more easily organize and delegate threat alerts as a team.

Most importantly, we realize that our portal stands out for the vast amount of information it allows you to access. Now that our newly redesigned user interface is live, finding and working with the most relevant threat-related details for your needs and objectives just got significantly easier.

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