March 15, 2023by Cybersixgill

Revealed: The Secrets of Top Performing Analysts

Cybersecurity teams are under constant pressure to analyze, prioritize, test, and devise new strategies and tactics to stay ahead of the next threat and prevent an attack. As an analyst, you’re most likely on a fast track to success, but it’s not easy.  As you’ve probably experienced firsthand, analysts report high levels of fatigue and burnout.

In our ebook Revealed: The Secrets of Top Performing Analysts we uncover the secrets of success from the top performing analysts in the sector. Find out what you need to do to take your career to the next level and get one step closer to your career goals.

5 key insider tips include:

Work at Adding Value: Always look for ways to enhance your tools, teams, systems, or skills - but above all - protect your company’s brand as if it were your own.

Think Like a Threat Actor: Discover threats by viewing the cyber space from the perspective of a threat actor. Pick a target and think about how to exploit it.

Focus on What Leadership Cares About: What your leadership cares about should be a main focal point when producing relevant threat intelligence, and that means you need to level up your internal communications.

Level-up Critical Thinking: From asking the right questions to reaching out to new sources of information, critical thinking, decision-making, and communications skills are key characteristics for success.

Cultivate Multi-Vector Knowledge to Drive Performance: Develop a selective-reconnaissance mindset. Ask yourself, “who is likely to target me?”

Want to learn more about the secrets of success from top performing analysts? Download the ebook.

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