December 14, 2020by Cybersixgill

Our Partnership with CrowdStrike Continues to Move Forward

In September, we told you about the strategic investment CrowdStrike had made in Cybersixgill. At the time, we noted that our companies would embark on several major initiatives to enhance CrowdStrike’s product and services with the full capabilities of Cybersixgill’s industry-leading threat intelligence offerings.

Now, we’re excited to be able to tell you about one of those initiatives.

Sixgill Darkfeed is now available in the CrowdStrike Store to give CrowdStrike Falcon users access to industry leading threat intelligence. This partnership makes it easy for Falcon users to gain deeper visibility and advanced context of IOCs from the deep and dark web. Together, they provide an enhanced level of detection and protection for organizations, enabling security teams to preemptively block threats, automate responses, and investigate threat actors across multiple contexts.

This integration solves a problem that is all too familiar to many security teams: as the security environment has become more complex, the security stack has become unwieldy. Analysts and security operations experts rely on dozens of tools, from multiple vendors each using a different methodology. They usually need to toggle through multiple screens and interfaces to track or respond to a security incident. The differences between methodologies and vendors make it harder to gain full understanding of some incidents.

That’s all to say the modern security environment is incredibly complex. Organizations need speed, automation and the most accurate, actionable data available if they are to stay secure. Cybersixgill Darkfeed helps companies stay ahead of the curve, and together with CrowdStrike’s new unified console view, it reduces complexity and simplifies the job of security analysts. It’s a fantastic and promising partnership for anyone looking to keep their company secure.

But this announcement is not the final milestone that we’ll mark from our relationship with CrowdStrike. More is coming. It’s an exciting time in the security space. Stay tuned for more updates.

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