January 31, 2023by Cybersixgill

One of Europe’s largest public pension offices calls on Cybersixgill

With the hefty responsibility of overseeing 16 regional pension funds, thousands of employees, and millions of insured persons and pensioners domestically and abroad, one of Europe's largest public pension systems tapped on Cybersixgill to capture real-time cyber threat intelligence as they happened and before attacks were deployed. The company serves millions of residents domestically and abroad with pension services and support, managing funds from multiple offices throughout Germany.

Regarding the deep and dark web, the company needed more visibility regarding threat intelligence to protect the business' critical assets. Through free and paid feeds, the company first learned about Cybersixgill through its threat intelligence platform (TIP) provider, Anomali. Then, the company tested, paid fees for 30 days, and contacted Cybersixgill. Through this, they learned about Cybersixgill's portal.

Cybersixgill provided the company with a product demonstration, during which Cybersixgill found that the company's information was being sold on the dark web. As a result, the company contacted those responsible for the risks in their web applications to mitigate them. In addition, Cybersixgill worked with the company's security team to implement an effective threat intelligence program. Soon after a seamless integration, the company realized continuous improvements in its cybersecurity processes.

Today, the security team utilizes the investigative portal daily and receives real-time alerts notifying them of compromised credentials and web applications.

For more information, read the full case study here.

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