June 9, 2020by Cybersixgill

King & Union Avalon & Cybersixgill Darkfeed: Better together

With the cyber threatscape growing at an alarming rate, security teams have to step-up their game and proactively pursue potential threats before they come at their gates.

This calls for new tools and methodologies to visualize, analyze and collaborate in order to protect critical assets.

But any tool is as good as the intelligence it's being fed - and that’s precisely the Cybersixgill and Avalon advantage: a state of the art cyber analysis tool that’s fed with best-in-class, real-time threat intelligence. Darkfeed is highly automated, ultra-fast, no need to verify, and above all - unique. Over 50-60% of the IOCs Darkfeed provides cannot be detected by other anti-virus tools. This provides Avalon users with an incredible edge in the battle against imminent threats. Now, Avalon users can enrich IOCs like never before, visualize, analyze and collaborate across different teams or across your industry, eliminating silos and increasing efficiency.

Darkfeed is only one way to consume Cybersixgill’s unparalleled threat intelligence. It can integrate with any SIEM, SOAR, TIP or FW for various automation tasks, playbook triggering and more.. In addition, Cybersixgill offers an investigative portal that takes Avalon’s differentiated offering to the next level, with an intuitive interface that lets analysts keep the threatscape updated with all the details from time of exposure to time of investigation.   This results in accelerated detection and remediation, while providing unmatched visibility and insight into each and every threat actor’s context, history and mindset.

“Automated intelligence becomes even more powerful when it’s  integrated with tools that simplify prioritization and protection,” said Ron Shamir, VP Products & Technology Alliances at Cybersixgill. “King & Union clients now have access to Cybersixgill’s rich intelligence stream, delivering unparalleled, real-time and actionable insights from exclusive deep and dark web sources. Security teams are now able to immediately identify imminent threats and collaborate with other analysts and teams for rapid remediation.”

The breadth and depth of Darkfeed’s unique data set enables rapid reactions. For example, security analysts can quickly pivot from an internal malware event to find related attacker IPs, malware hashes, and other IOCs that may have gone unnoticed within the environment. Alternatively, intel analysts can track specific actors and malware campaigns of interest to identify the tools and vulnerabilities they are exploiting, empowering them to proactively mitigate potential threats and prioritize vulnerability management actions.

“The goal at King & Union has always been to provide the visualization, threat intelligence, tools, and collaboration security analysts need in a single, integrated workspace to enable better decision making and accelerate threat investigations,” said John Cassidy, CEO and founder of King & Union. “Darkfeed provides the most comprehensive and accurate insights to help our Avalon users quickly unify, visualize and enrich threat intelligence in a single workspace to better understand data relationships. This partnership will enable us to redefine operational threat intelligence, drive unparalleled value to our users, and create a positive impact for our customers.”

Powered by Cybersixgill’s unmatched intelligence collection capabilities, users of Avalon and Darkfeed will benefit  from automated and exclusive visibility into their threat environment and receive early warnings to help them identify, track and neutralize threat actors targeting their organization.

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