February 3, 2020by Cybersixgill

How Cybersixgill Spots Threats Lurking in the Dark Web

Breaches of sensitive information from government agencies, financial organizations, law enforcement, and healthcare providers can all be found on the Dark Web. The first step in a proactive approach is leveraging a cybersecurity threat intelligence platform that can alert organizations and businesses before their assets are leaked into Dark Web forums and marketplaces.

The Dark Web: A Threat Actor’s Goldmine

The primary reason threat actors and other users are drawn to the Dark Web is anonymity. The Dark Web, through special web browsers, allows users to browse, chat, and conduct transactions anonymously. A  proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) platform allows security teams to monitor the risk to their organizations by alerting them to the latest vulnerabilities, exploits, and planned attacks being discussed on the Dark web.

Sixgill offers a solution that is invisible to users on underground forums. The solution scans the Dark Web forums and marketplaces and stores the data in Cybersixgill’s database infrastructure. This unique feature is crucial, as Dark Web sites are constantly shifting, being added, or taken down. This historical record of discussions, threat actor names, trends, and other valuable evidence are archived for future reference to map threat actors movements and communication patterns. Cybersixgill is not only automated, but digs deeper than other solutions to provide actionable intelligence.

Sixgill's Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform has all the Key Features Your Monitoring Solution Needs

The need for an advanced CTI solution is clear. The question is, what key features should your CTI solution have?

An advanced CTI platform should provide comprehensive, quick, and clear results that can be easily communicated to security teams so they can develop a responsive and efficient action plan. The solution should also be customizable with contextual automated alerts based on an organization’s unique needs. The security team should have the ability to choose keywords, sites, and threat actors they want to monitor and be informed when any suspicious activities trigger based on those keywords.

The ability to profile threat actors, such as names used on forums and activities, is a crucial feature. Profiling allows the security team to create an actor analysis, filter results based on date, content, and other categories, and then prioritize into real-time alerts that are focused on organizational needs.

Here’s how Cybersixgill provides all of these ‘must haves’:

1. Deep Detection

Sixgill goes beyond monitoring Dark Web forums and marketplaces, and also scans images that are being shared. Security teams can track criminal activities such as target selection, reconnaissance and planning, and the actual sale of information or goods. Credit card and financial services companies are able to use these features to detect if credit card details are being shared on the Dark Web. Cybersixgill provides real-time, ad-hoc access to thousands of resources from the deep, dark, and surface web, powered by NLP (natural language processing). Additionally, Cybersixgill has the deepest and widest automated collection of data in real-time. Features include data archiving and access to sources that are otherwise unavailable such as sites that are shut down, deleted Telegram groups, and marketplace items that have already been sold.

2. Real-time Processes

Sixgill’s CTI solution includes advanced real-time actionable alerts that automatically correlate sources with specific customer assets to alert them of imminent and emerging threats in a matter of seconds. Alerts can be created based on a search query, actor post, or even a post response. Searches in the dashboard can be saved as notification alerts based on keyword triggers. These intuitive real-time alerts help security teams understand what’s happening in a clear and organized manner.

3. User-Friendly

Sixgill’s platform has a user-friendly web interface that can perform powerful searches on the Dark Web with the ability to drill down into filtered results. Security teams can manage investigations with the Case Management functionality by saving details about posts, threat actors, and search query results. The Actor Analysis feature is a powerful tool to easily understand an actor’s profile and activities such as forum popularity, forum name, work pattern, and related actors or aliases. A centralized multi-tenant and role based architecture allows organizations to share resources across teams while keeping roles and responsibilities segmented.

4. Multilingual

Sixgill’s platform supports every language using an automatic translator. A scan of 622 hidden services shows 31 non-English languages being used on the Dark Web. This multilingual feature allows security teams to track discussions in forums that could be targeting their organization, and view it in their native language.

Get Visibility Into The Dark Websites

Now’s the time to get visibility into the Dark Web to proactively prevent attacks before they occur. Only an advanced CTI platform will give you comprehensive, quick, and detailed insights to take immediate action.

As the most advanced Dark Web Threat Intelligence platform, Cybersixgill provides its customers with an automated platform so there’s little to no maintenance for the customer to worry about.

Sixgill’s CTI solution keeps your attackers in your sights by providing covert tracking, comprehensive cyber crime activity tracking, and automated intelligent monitoring algorithms. See Cybersixgill's Dark Web intelligence platform in action and schedule a demo with a threat intelligence expert today.

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