December 20, 2021by Cybersixgill

Case Study: How Our Investigative Portal Enhanced Radware’s Threat Intel

When Radware wanted to streamline its approach to gathering threat intel from the deep & dark web, the company turned to Cybersixgill. Check out the results.

It’s no secret that cybersecurity is a demanding industry to work in – one that has a major shortage of qualified professionals, even as it takes on an ever-growing variety of increasingly sophisticated threats. But it’s also a rewarding field that attracts extremely talented minds and gives them endless chances to make a positive difference.

So, how can companies make cybersecurity an even more rewarding field, while reducing the risk of employee burnout? And how can they empower their cybersecurity and threat intelligence professionals to consistently provide deep and reliable threat analysis, without letting mundane tasks get in the way? One key is to give those employees the technological tools they need to thrive and achieve their full potential, while ensuring that their workload is manageable and not overwhelming.

That’s exactly what Radware – a leading global provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions for data centers – has started doing by using the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal to gather and analyze threat intelligence.

With that in mind, we recently published a case study of the ways Radware has used our Investigative Portal. It serves as a great example of how companies can both streamline and improve their approach to gathering and analyzing cyber threat intelligence.

Even before starting to work with Cybersixgill, Radware had long understood what a valuable source of threat intel the deep and dark web could be. But until its cyber threat research team started using our Investigative Portal, the company had taken a manual approach to gathering and analyzing this information. The benefits that the portal has offered Radware illustrate very clearly what a powerful difference our automated approach to intel from the deep and dark web can make in today’s cybersecurity environment.

What we can all learn from Radware

We at Cybersixgill tend to take pride in the fact that our Investigative Portal (as well as our Darkfeed and DVE Score solutions) gives our customers access to the largest collection of threat intel from the deep and dark web on the market today. But to really understand how you can tap into the power of that body of information (what we call our data lake), there’s no substitute for a real-world example of an actual organization using our technology.

Specifically, Radware’s case study sheds light on several critical aspects of how it has used our Investigative Portal. Check out the case study to learn:

Why exactly did Radware choose to start using the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal instead of relying on a manual approach to gathering threat intelligence?

What do Radware’s employees do with the Investigative Portal to enhance their threat intel today, and how does it empower them to investigate specific threat actors?

How has the portal impacted the day-to-day work of Radware’s cybersecurity and threat intel professionals?

How has the portal benefited Radware’s approach to cybersecurity as a whole?

For a detailed look at how Radware started using the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal and the resulting benefits that the company now enjoys, check out the full case study.

Read the Case Study

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