August 16, 2023by Brad Liggett

How Artificial Intelligence Can Empower Security Teams: Cybersixgill's Review of Black Hat USA 2023

Recently, we attended Black Hat USA 2023, now in its 26th year. As the industry’s premier cybersecurity event, Black Hat is where the cybersecurity community can share the latest in research, developments, and trends by bringing together leading security experts, developers, practitioners, and vendors. This year was bigger than 2022’s return to a full-scale in-person event, and without question, attendees came out in full force to reconnect with existing customers and create new relationships.

This year’s conference was particularly exciting, as we made two key announcements, including the release of Cybersixgill IQ, our new generative AI that is trained on our vast intelligence data lake and the deepest, broadest intelligence data sets available, including deep, dark web resources. This new capability provides streamlined, actionable insights that facilitate faster response times to cyber attacks and empower security teams to focus on critical tasks while improving efficiencies. Cybersixgill IQ had a successful debut at Black Hat – it was met with great enthusiasm from current and prospective customers and recognized by CSO as one of the top new cybersecurity products at Black Hat USA 2023. 

Not surprisingly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) had a big presence at this year’s event. Since the launch of ChatGPT, interest in how the cybersecurity industry can use generative AI has steadily increased, with a stream of vendors launching new AI products and integrating them into existing features. Throughout the exhibition hall, we saw vendors with signage for artificial intelligence and deep learning. However, as AI continues to grow in popularity, we as an industry need to move beyond the hype to uncover those products that are truly disruptive and provide defenders with a game-changing solution. Here at Cybersixgill, we are doing just that. As noted in Security Guard’s recent article Black Hat insights: Generative AI begins seeping into the security platforms that will carry us forward, Cybersixgill IQ “feeds vast data sets of threat intel into a customized LLM tuned to generate answers to nuanced security questions,” so that security teams can quickly gain insights and take action.

At the conference, we also announced our strategic partnership with Nisos, a leader in  Managed Intelligence™.  This partnership empowers organizations to operationalize our market-leading cyber threat intelligence (CTI) via Nisos’ Managed Monitoring service. This threat intelligence-as-a-service offering not only lowers the barrier of entry for smaller and mid-market companies but also applies the human side of threat intelligence, with Nisos’ expert analysts able to provide a broader picture of what is happening downstream. 

As we walked through the conference floor and spoke to current and prospective customers, we saw a theme that continues to resonate today – a focus on the interoperability of tools and sets. As providers of cybersecurity solutions, not only do we need to develop innovative technologies, but we also have to ensure that customers can get up and running as easily as possible, and provide products that work with their ecosystem. After all, of all the things we have learned in cybersecurity, speed is critical to expose threats and pre-empt an attack.

Want to learn how Cybersixgill captures, processes, and alerts teams to emerging threats? Contact us to discuss your threat intelligence needs and goals. 

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