December 22, 2021by Cybersixgill

Forrester TEI: Cybersixgill can deliver 311% ROI, enabling enterprises to scale dark web threat intelligence while closing the knowledge gaps

A recent Total Economic Impact (TEI) conducted by independent consulting firm Forrester has affirmed: organizations employing Cybersixgill products experienced benefits of almost $1.57, and a 311% return on investment.

Effective cybersecurity programs are becoming more reliant on threat intelligence sourced from the deep and dark web. Understanding the return on security investment is crucial to planning and executing effective cybersecurity programs that maximize teams’ performance and results. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study details the value Cybersixgill products deliver.

While underground criminal forums and the dark web are well-known threats to organizations, cybersecurity teams lack the access and resources to collect the data needed to proactively address them.

Forrester TEI: Cybersixgill can deliver 311% ROI!

Successful CISOs turn to Cybersixgill to provide their enterprise cybersecurity teams with dark web data that enables them to perform threat intelligence analysis utilizing their existing skillsets. The Investigative Portal provides capabilities such as search, machine learning (ML) alerts, and vulnerability ranking to support analyses.

“A small cybersecurity team, historically spending 40 hours per week collecting, analyzing, and understanding dark web data, can use Cybersixgill automation to reduce that to just a few hours per week.” - Cybersecurity Practice Manager

The newly commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting revealed that organizations employing Cybersixgill solutions experienced benefits of almost $1.57 million and a return on investment (ROI) of 311% over three years. One major benefit considered was the  ability to address growing threat intelligence business demand without the need to expand staff while growing several facets of their service offering.

Key benefits of implementing and using Cybersixgill solutions:

Cybersixgill provides savings of over $648,000 over three years in avoided staff expansion to meet growing threat intelligence business demand. Cybersixgill eliminated the need for the work required to access, extract, and consolidate dark web data into a searchable database, providing both direct data access and a dark web portal for cybersecurity analysts without additional skill sets to use. This reduced the effort for dark web-related engagements by up to 75%, saving $648,000 over three years.

Cybersixgill provides dark web data and the tools to analyze it with basic cybersecurity abilities. The cybersecurity practice manager noted that Cybersixgill eliminates the need for any skills beyond cybersecurity analysis.

“Phase one of using Cybersixgill was to spread the deep web and dark web threat intelligence work from just me to ten of us. We are now in a scale-up phase, adding Cybersixgill findings to broader cybersecurity reports and creating additional offerings.” - Cybersecurity Practice Manager

With Cybersixgill, labor productivity and employee satisfaction dramatically improved. One global cyber threat intelligence team quickly repurposed 33% of analyst labor. Employee satisfaction has improved, and shared learnings are the norm.

“Cybersixgill’s ease of use allowed us to shift to a global posture. It was easy for our [worldwide] analysts to use Cybersixgill with their existing skills. The advantages include the ability to spread workload and to provide more short-term focus when needed.” - Global Threat Intelligence Lead

Cybersixgill offers savings in development, training, and licensing costs that add up to over $382,000 over three years. Training required on the Cybersixgill tools was quick and easy - and that no new cybersecurity skills are required. Defining and developing new products or services was not limited by Cybersixgill’s data or tools, and the transparent licensing model was based upon features and user counts.

Enterprises from different industries face different cybersecurity challenges, yet all are facing a common challenge of scaling threat intelligence operations to meet the growing needs of their business. Cybersixgill delivers significant ROI by allowing analysts with basic cybersecurity abilities to analyze dark web intelligence, effectively closing the knowledge gap, and providing the opportunity for more senior analysts to prioritize their time and resources to prevent attacks and better protect their company.  To learn more, Download Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) on Cybersixgill.

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