April 5, 2022by Cybersixgill

Cybersixgill Partners with Snowflake to Provide Comprehensive Cyber Threat Intel in the Snowflake Data Marketplace

Leverage our real-time collection of  data from the largest sources in the cyber underground. Proactively detect and protect against those threat actors targeting your organization, like ransomware, malware, data leaks, and much more. You have access to the insights needed to strategically augment your cyber resilience and significantly minimize risk exposure in real-time.

My colleagues and I are excited to announce the partnership between Cybersixgill and Snowflake, bringing our extensive deep, dark, and clear web data feed to the Snowflake Data Marketplace. As Snowflake’s first threat intel partner, this integration represents an essential milestone for Cybersixgill and the cybersecurity industry.

Cybersixgill and Snowflake are creating a vibrant data ecosystem to fuel security applications that enable enterprises to strengthen their defensive posture. The blending of our comprehensive cyber threat intelligence into an organization’s Snowflake security data lake gives cybersecurity developers, data scientists, business intelligence, and analytics professionals access to live and ready-to-query threat intelligence data sets for data-driven security decision-making.

We were introduced to Snowflake through one of their partners in the Extended Detection and Response (XDR) space. Ultimately, we were selected for the Snowflake Data Marketplace for two key reasons: 1) we are adaptable and agile, and 2) we are recognized within the industry for the breadth and quality of our data, which includes millions of intelligence items and thousands of indicators of compromise (IOCs) daily, ranging from the deep, dark and clear web to historical data to threat actors and more.

Our partnership will allow Snowflake users to consume our data in their data lake subset, and by that, identify attacks sooner and respond to incidents faster - multiplying the benefits that the security data lake brings to their cyber defense. Snowflake users will be able to address the following critical needs:

The Need to Centralize Security Data: To make the right security decisions and quickly respond to an event, enterprises need to catch the threats before they happen, which means data needs to be easily accessible in one place.

The Need to Augment Internally Collected Security Data: While enterprise security detections technologies focus on the collection of internal security data and logs, it’s critical to augment this data with an external view of malicious patterns against the related enterprise, geography, and industry to gain a complete picture of the enterprise's threat landscape.

Our organizations working together is a game-changer. Enterprises now have one central place for data – a data lake that harnesses and consolidates volumes of data and makes it available to multiple users. With this data, users can build security applications such as SIEM and XDR, cloud detection responses, and more based on valuable threat intelligence insights.

I’m particularly excited that we are democratizing critical threat intel across the enterprise by entering data in such a seamless manner. In other words, security and risk practitioners across the organization will have direct access to the earliest signals. They determine if an organization is being targeted or under attack and understand what security applications need to be put into place to mitigate risks.

Snowflake customers can now subscribe and instantly get Cybersixgill data into their Snowflake data lake in minutes. Cybersixgill offerings include our personalized listings, bringing all of our intelligence on malicious IOCs and three standard and free data subset listings, segmented according to use case: Malware Insights, compromised sites, and compromised end-points. Additional subsets of our threat intelligence will be coming soon.

Ready to get started? Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence solution is available in the Snowflake Data Marketplace here.

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