December 15, 2022by Gabi Reish

Cybersixgill is a recognized DRPS vendor

Over the years, we at Cybersixgill have built our product with a single, fundamental mission in mind: to disrupt a decade-old CTI market with an innovative and up-to-date offering for our customers and users. Because cyber threats require urgent and immediate response we have met the challenge of turning cyber threat intelligence (CTI) into an automatic, actionable, and relevant component of any cyber security practice.

It’s both exciting and humbling to be acknowledged for these efforts. We are happy to share that Cybersixgill was recently recognized by Gartner as a market contender in the Digital Risk Protection Service (DRPS) market, as part of its latest report “Emerging Tech: Adoption Growth Insights in Digital Risk Protection Services”, Published 11 November 2022.

If I were to use my own words to define what DRPS is all about, I would say that DRPS is all about building actionable use cases to CTI and turning CTI into a relevant offering for a wide set of cyber security practitioners. DRPS is about understanding how CTI can be leveraged, with practical solutions, to reduce risk by overseeing mentions to their mapped digital assets in the deep/dark web and social media platforms to protect and mitigate risks to these assets.  

Clearly, DRPS is about building actionable use cases to CTI and this is exactly our ongoing charter. With the most common DRPS-related use cases  in mind, we have built a wide set of actionable capabilities and services that all wrap our in-depth CTI collection, from the clear/deep/dark web and social media platforms. These capabilities not only cover the exposure of threats as related to use cases such as Brand Protection, Fraud, Account Takeover, Data leakage, Threat Hunting, Vulnerability Exploit intelligence, and Social Media Monitoring but we, at Cybersixgill, also offer advanced mitigation services, from reporting, to threat actor engagements, and purchases, to Takedown services.

According to this recent Gartner report, the demand for DRPS services is expected to grow from a $499M worldwide spend in 2020 to a $1.18B market size by 2025. Enterprises of all sizes and MSSPs and MDR providers are contributing to this growth. At Cybersixgill, we truly believe that Cyber Threat intelligence  should no longer be considered as “nice to have'' but “need to have'' playing a critical role at the forefront of your organizational cybersecurity strategy. Digital Risk Protection Services is  foundational in making this happen, across the threat landscape, and we are excited to be a recognized contributor in this important market category.

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