September 30, 2020by Cybersixgill

CrowdStrike and Cybersixgill Collaborate to Enable Enterprises to Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

One of the cybersecurity industry’s biggest and fastest-growing players just made a strategic investment in Cybersixgill. CrowdStrike - the cloud-native security experts - will rely on Cybersixgill’s unique capabilities to fuel several new initiatives.

So, what does this mean for Cybersixgill and their customers?

This investment is a huge endorsement of the power of our contextualized intelligence, our investigative portal, and our services. CrowdStrike conducted a global search for the <a href=">best threat intelligence company that it could find to enhance the value it provides its customers. The company put our threat intelligence to the test and found that, when compared to our competitors, Cybersixgill’s intelligence solutions are more accurate, more useful, more contextual and the most comprehensive collection on the market today. We provide a better basis for preemptive decision making, with fewer false-positives, and CrowdStrike immediately recognized that.

The bottom line is that we offer a groundbreaking, fully automated intelligence product that some of the world's fastest-growing cybersecurity companies can’t get anywhere else. And to be clear, CrowdStrike is growing incredibly fast. It doubled its market share between 2018 and 2019, at a time when larger companies were losing ground. When a company like that gives you a vote of confidence, it really means something.

CrowdStrike made its mark by delivering end-point protection in the cloud. Traditionally, end-point protection meant periodic scans of laptops and printers with anti-virus software. But today’s threat environment demands more. End-point protection goes beyond this, by relying on machine learning and threat intelligence to identify emerging threats, be they zero-day attacks or suspect hashes and URLs.

In this type of environment, the quality of the protection is directly dependent on the quality of the data that feeds into the platform. CrowdStrike and Cybersixgill are working together on several groundbreaking initiatives to enhance CrowdStrike’s products and increase security for its customers.

Earlier this year, we released Darkfeed, a real-time blacklist of malicious indicators of compromise from the dark web. The result is that companies of any size can better anticipate attacks and proactively protect their organizations with actionable, contextual intelligence. Darkfeed joined the Cybersixgill Portal in our solution portfolio. The Portal remains the leading cyberthreat intelligence and investigative platform for security analysts at the enterprise level–an automated tool that can “connect the dots” across the dark and deep web to help identify and preempt attacks.

We are committed to increasing the avenues that companies can use to consume our intelligence. Our relationship with CrowdStrike is another example of that. And there’s much more to come from this relationship, we hope you stay with us on this exciting journey.

To read the full press release click here.

Earlier this year, we released Darkfeed, a real-time

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