October 18, 2023by Shir David

Create and share insightful CTI reports in minutes, not hours, with our Investigative Report Builder

We recently announced Cybersixgill’s new Investigative Report Builder, designed to significantly ease the burden of reporting for threat and SOC analysts, threat hunters, and MSSPs. Our previous blog on this new capability discussed Report Builder’s compliance benefits. Today, we’ll take a look at the types of reports security teams can easily create and critical insights they’re able to share with key stakeholders, saving them significant time and money by removing the antiquated, manual processes of report creation. 

Share Insights, Improve Efficiencies 

To share critical threat intelligence findings with the broader IT team and important stakeholders like C-suite executives and the Board, security teams typically spend countless hours creating reports. The time-intensive labor includes manually assembling information from disparate intelligence sources and navigating between different pages and platforms to gather relevant information, then combining everything into one cohesive report. The whole process can take hours for one report.

Our new Report Builder solves this challenge by removing the manual labor involved, enabling users to select components from within the Investigative Portal and export them into an editable Word file with point and click ease. Users are empowered to generate, edit, duplicate, or delete reports in minutes, and can readily communicate their findings to clients and others in the organization. The ease of creating reports frees up security teams to focus on more strategic activities and share important insights and recommendations with other teams, ultimately helping organizations strengthen their security posture and protect assets from malicious actors. 

Create and Share Customized CTI Reports

Report Builder enables accelerated creation of a wide range of CTI reports, including the following:

Incident Response Reports: During a cybersecurity incident, analysts can swiftly compile detailed incident reports by adding relevant components such as indicators of compromise and affected systems.

Client-Facing Reports: Cybersecurity consultancy firms and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can create comprehensive reports for clients, showcasing strategic insights, threat trends, and tailored recommendations for improving their cybersecurity posture.

Compliance Documentation: Compliance officers can efficiently gather evidence and findings from different areas of the platform to create well-structured reports demonstrating adherence to regulations and industry standards.

Executive-Level Communications: Security managers can generate executive-level summaries of investigation outcomes, providing upper management with high-level insights and strategic recommendations.

Threat Intelligence Briefings: Threat intelligence analysts can use Report Builder to compile reports that present key threat trends, emerging threats, and their potential impact on the organization.

Monthly Performance Reports: SOC leads can create monthly performance reports summarizing incident response activities, incident trends, and the effectiveness of mitigation efforts.

Vendor Risk Reports: Vendor relationship managers can build reports that highlight potential cybersecurity risks associated with third-party vendors, supporting informed decision-making.

Risk Assessment Reports: Risk management professionals can utilize Report Builder to create reports that assess cybersecurity risks, their potential impact, and mitigation strategies for presentation to stakeholders.

To learn more about the Investigative Report Builder, watch our quick video tutorial or contact us to schedule a demo.

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