by Michael-Angelo Zummo

Coming Soon to Black Hat: Generative AI in Cybersixgill’s Dark Lab

Black Hat USA is almost here. After a highly successful event last year, where our newly launched DVE Intelligence earned recognition from CRN as one of the 10 Hottest Cybersecurity Products of 2022, we wanted to offer you a sneak peek at what’s in store this year from Cybersixgill.

Rather than add to the exhibit floor chaos, we have a separate meeting room where you can fully immerse yourself in the Dark Lab experience and meet with our CTI experts for hands-on demonstrations of our threat intelligence offerings, which now leverage next-generation generative AI. You can find us in Business Meeting Room #485, adjacent to the show floor this year.

Visit our briefing room to get hands-on with our industry-leading solutions:

  • Attack Surface Management: Combining ASM with our CTI capabilities, continually discover, map, scope, and classify unknown network assets that could expose your organization to risk.

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence: Gain secure, covert access to our complete body of threat intelligence from the clear, deep, and dark web extracted and processed at machine speed.

  • DVE Intelligence: Streamline vulnerability analysis, prioritization, and remediation with an end-to-end solution that’s proven to identify high-risk vulnerabilities before the NVD.

  • Cybersixgill IQ: With the rapid evolution of generative AI, we’re continuously leveraging the technology’s full potential with innovative, new enhancements to help your team accelerate investigations and more efficiently build defenses against the threats targeting your organization. We’re announcing several new enhancements and capabilities at Black Hat, and we invite you to get a first-hand look.

You’ll also experience our MSSP solutions in action, see live, educational presentations by our team of threat experts, and have the chance to win a customized AI-generated report tailored to your company.

Our Dark Lab Self-guided Demos, aka Dark Lab Challenges, are back. Like last year, these self-guided demos allow you to investigate and detect real threats with clues. You’ll get to conduct your own investigation, build queries, and navigate the underground – all with the help of the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal and our new generative AI solution Cybersixgill IQ.

To experience the Dark Lab, see a demonstration, or meet with one of our threat intelligence experts, please come see us in Business Meeting Room #485, adjacent to the show floor.

The Dark Lab awaits you.

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