January 10, 2022by Cybersixgill

Case Study: How an International MSSP Slashed the Time Required for Threat Investigations

At global MSSP CyberProof, gathering intel from the dark web used to be a slow process for threat analysts. Here’s how they’ve made it faster and more thorough.

If you work in the field of cybersecurity (or even if you don’t), you might realize what a difference timing can make in an organization’s ability to prevent cyberattacks from wreaking havoc on itself and its employees, partners, and customers.

So, when it comes to cybersecurity solutions like the ones we at Cybersixgill offer, how much time a solution can save you is a key part of what makes it so valuable. By providing easy access to intelligence from the deep and dark web – and by empowering cyber threat analysts to get more done in less time – these kinds of technologies help analysts to discover threats sooner. Then, by giving their organizations advance notice of the risks they face, these analysts can put their organizations in a stronger position to mitigate those risks.

Given the importance of speeding up the collection and analysis of threat intelligence, today we are particularly excited to share with you our latest case study: the story of how global managed security service provider (MSSP) CyberProof has tapped into the power of the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal. While using the portal has empowered CyberProof’s threat analysts to make their threat investigations more thorough, our technology has also allowed them to dramatically reduce the amount of time required for each of these investigations.

We invite you to check out the full case study for a look at how cyber threat analysts can use the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal to accelerate and enhance their investigations.

How the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal Has Empowered CyberProof Analysts

Given their cybersecurity and threat intelligence expertise, the analysts at CyberProof are well aware of the dark web’s value as a source of threat intelligence. Simply put, they understand that the dark web is the go-to channel for hackers and other threat actors looking to communicate, collaborate, and transact anonymously.

Still, until they started using our Investigative Portal, these analysts would often need to spend significant time gaining access to specific dark sources. Not only would this take up employees’ valuable time and make investigations slower, but it also made it difficult for them to ensure that they had not exposed themselves or inadvertently missed key intel from the deep and dark web.

Since starting to use the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal, CyberProof’s threat analysts have dramatically cut the amount of time required for a typical investigation. Instead of needing to painstakingly gain access to dark sources and search directly for the information they want, today these analysts can tap into the power of Cybersixgill’s collection of threat intel from the deep and dark web – the most comprehensive collection of its kind.

Using the portal’s intuitive interface, these threat analysts can simply search our threat intel collection for information based on their own specifications. They can also set automatic alerts to update them whenever our technology reveals information likely pointing to a threat they need to address. Orel Pery, their Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence, estimates that this has enabled her to shorten the amount of time typically required to gather initial findings in an investigation from two workdays to just one hour. And since they rely on today’s most thorough collection of threat intel from the deep and dark web, these analysts can use the Investigative Portal to minimize the chances that they will accidentally miss a relevant bit of intelligence during their investigation.

What We Can All Learn from this Case Study

In addition to quantifying how much using the Investigative Portal has accelerated CyberProof’s threat investigations, the case study tells the story of how the company’s analysts began using the portal and the effect it has had on their work so far.

Check out the case study to discover:

Why does threat intelligence from the dark web play such a key role in CyberProof’s threat investigations?

How did CyberProof’s threat analysts typically gather intelligence from the dark web before they started using the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal?

How can CyberProof’s threat analysts now use the Investigative Portal to accelerate their threat investigations?

How has using the portal impacted CyberProof’s threat investigations so far – both in terms of speed and in terms of comprehensiveness?

Why do CyberProof team members often make a point of letting prospective clients know that the company works with Cybersixgill?

For a closer look at how using the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal has impacted the daily work of CyberProof’s threat analysts and what you can learn from their example, check out our latest case study.

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