August 4, 2021by Cybersixgill

Building the Cyber Threat Intelligence System of Tomorrow: Key Takeaways from Re:con21

If there is one constant in the world of cybersecurity and cyber threat intelligence (CTI), it’s how quickly it moves. But while the threats cybersecurity professionals confront and the technologies at their disposal progress rapidly, the size of their workforce does not keep up with demand. The frequency, scope, and cost of cyberattacks keep rising, while this field continues to struggle to recruit and retain enough top-notch team members to meet today’s needs.

That combination of factors creates significant and growing challenges for cybersecurity and threat intel teams. And although (importantly) the increasing use of automation and machine learning offers significant reason for optimism, the challenges professionals from throughout this industry face make it especially important for them to learn from each other by sharing their insights and expertise.

That’s why we were so excited when we recently teamed up with the folks at C-Vision to present Re:con 21 – an invite-only, half-day virtual event bringing together a group of experts and thought leaders in the fields of cybersecurity and cyber threat intelligence.

As a participant in the event, I personally was blown away by the depth, breadth, and variety of perspectives that our remarkable participants brought to the table. Through interactive sessions bringing together diverse perspectives from CISOs and other professionals, the summit explored the field’s challenges, pain points, best practices, and hopes for the future.

Participants also discussed innovative ideas to make CTI more accessible, flexible, efficient, and effective. Most importantly, toward the end of the summit, these experts took the opportunity to have a collaborative and inspiring discussion on what the cyber threat intelligence solution of the future might look like.

Now, we are happy to share with you the key insights that came out of Re:con21. We have just published a report detailing the summit’s most important lessons, and you can download it now.

The report was compiled by Brad LaPorte – a respected industry expert, GTM advisor to start-ups and a Gartner veteran with extensive experience in the world of cybersecurity and cyber threat intelligence. It covers the full range of topics explored over the course of the summit, capturing valuable insights on the state of cybersecurity today and what it will look like tomorrow.

The questions at the heart of both the Summit and the written report include:

How do we define cyber threat intelligence, and how is that definition affected by our different industries and different roles?

What best practices can help us to design and implement our CTI programs so that they will provide us with as much value as possible?

What common pitfalls should we watch out for as we plan and implement our CTI programs?

How should we prioritize our various CTI needs and use cases?

How can we identify CTI technologies that will best enable us to defend our organizations efficiently?

What data do we need in order to handle CTI effectively, and how can we zero in on the most relevant information?

How can we convey this data clearly, conveniently, and visually?

How can we best cope with gaps in our workforce (including by recruiting, training, and retaining cybersecurity professionals – as well as through automation and cross-departmental collaboration)?

How can we tap into the power of having a diverse team of cyber threat analysts?

How will cyber threats change over the next five to 10 years?

What should the cyber threat intelligence system of the future look like?

In the fast-moving world of cybersecurity and cyber threat intelligence, there is no substitute for collaboration between the diverse professionals who work to protect our organizations from online threat actors.

On behalf of the entire Cybersixgill team, I would like to thank C-Vision and everyone who participated in this thought-provoking and insightful summit.

And if you didn’t get the chance to participate, we invite you to check out the written report – and, of course, to reach out to us if you’re interested in attending Re:con22 next year.

For valuable insights from cybersecurity and threat intelligence professionals who participated in Re:con21, get the full report, Building the CTI System of Tomorrow, today.

Get the Report: The Future of Cyber Threat Intelligence - Building The CTI System Of Tomorrow

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