October 11, 2021by Cybersixgill

Cybersixgill has been recognized by the 2021 Tech Ascension Awards

We are happy to announce that Cybersixgill has been recognized by the 2021 Tech Ascension Awards. Both our Investigative Portal and our Darkfeed solution have been chosen as the Best AI/Machine Learning/Autonomous Solution.

The Tech Ascension Awards are given to top-performing tech companies based on technology innovation, market research, and competitive differentiators. This year, Cybersixgill was chosen from more than 500 companies that applied.

The award was given based on the quality and usefulness of the technology at the heart of our Investigative Portal and Darkfeed solutions. Although the two solutions are designed to be used in different ways, they are both driven by our understanding of the unmatched value that the deep and dark web can offer organizations in terms of cybersecurity. Just as importantly, both of these solutions empower businesses and other organizations to stay ahead of cyber threats by providing threat intelligence based on Cybersixgill’s data – the market’s most extensive collection of intel from the deep and dark web.

With Cybersixgill, our customers have the ability to search the deep and dark web and gather information about the threats they face, without exposing themselves. And by collecting intel continuously, our customers also have access to information that has been removed from the deep and dark web.

Using Automation To Keep Up With Ever-Growing Threats

As the name of the Best AI/Machine Learning/Autonomous Solution award implies, automation plays a major role in the effectiveness and ease of use that our Investigative Portal and Darkfeed solutions offer. With so much intelligence available – information ranging from posts from the 1990s to today’s latest messages – our automated approach to gathering, analyzing, and searching this data is a key factor in making our solutions useful, efficient, and user-friendly.

In addition to our cutting-edge technology, the Tech Ascension Awards emphasized the practical importance of indispensable cybersecurity solutions like ours, especially in light of the major trends we’ve seen in recent years.

“The proliferation of ransomware, nation-state threats, and an uptick in cybercriminal activity due to COVID-19 are just some of the factors that have made a strong cybersecurity defense paramount for every business that touches sensitive data,” explained David Campbell, CEO of the Tech Ascension Awards. “We’re honored to recognize these industry leaders that have demonstrated their ability to defend organizations with unique approaches, innovative technology, and world-class talent.”

Given the growing importance of cybersecurity and threat intelligence for organizations, it is an encouraging sign when technology like Cybersixgill’s gets recognition like this one. We are gratified to see that the Tech Ascension Awards share our perspective on the importance of using innovative approaches to protect businesses and other organizations from threat actors around the world. Most of all, we are excited to continue offering award-winning threat intelligence to help organizations of all types stay safe from the wide variety of cyber threats that could put them at risk.

For more on Cybersixgill’s recognition by the Tech Ascension Awards, read the full press release. And check out our website for more on our Investigative Portal and Darkfeed solutions.

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