December 31, 2017by Cybersixgill

Hacktivist Group "Anonymous" in Slovakia Targets NATO & EU Sites

Sixgill's Dark Web threat intelligence platform is constantly searching deep and dark web sources for cyber threats. The group "Anonymous" is a well known hactivist organization with global affiliates. In the past, Cybersixgill has been able to provide customers with specific threat intelligence relating to threats emanating from the Dark Web. One of the examples that comes to mind was at the Rio Olympics in 2016 when the system generated alerts provided early warning as to specific threats to hack Brazilian, Rio, and Olympics related sites as well as a scheme to purchase event tickets with stolen credit cards. (See screen shot from Cybersixgill system below).

Malicious activity of the group "Anonymous" found in the Deep Web

In Cybersixgill's latest threat report, malicious activity of the Slovakian "Anonymous" group was found in the Deep Web message board ‘Hidden Answers’, where threat actors were looking to recruit accomplices for an operation targeting NATO and EU websites. The proposed attacks would potentially arrive by means of XSS (cross-site scripting), SQL injection, or a combination of both as well as by DDoS (distributed denial of service), a type of attack that is intended to make an online resource unavailable to its legitimate users by overwhelming it with traffic.

Read more on the "Anonymous" threat in the recent Cybersixgill threat report, by clicking here:

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