September 23, 2020by Cybersixgill

Announcing the New Cybersixgill: Illuminating the Deep and Dark Underground

We at Cybersixgill believe that <a href=">modern threat intelligence requires shining a spotlight on the deep, dark, and surface web to stay ahead of the threat curve and effectively protect organizations.

With that in mind, we’ve launched a major overhaul of our visual style and website.

{% video_player " embed_player" overrideable="False," type="scriptV4" , hide_playlist="True," viral_sharing="False," embed_button="False," autoplay="False," hidden_controls="False," loop="False," muted="False," full_width="False," width="1920" height="1080" player_id="35230746859" style %} our new look signifies a maturing company, one that is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders in the cybersecurity industry, like partners Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, and Anomali. At Cybersixgill, we are constantly defying categories in a relentless pursuit of excellence for our customers and partners. Now, our visual style reflects that. It’s representative of who we are as a company: sophisticated, innovative, with a dash of healthy rebelliousness.

You might have noticed we also have a new logo. It was designed to visually reflect our unique value proposition. The atomic six-pointed icon, accented by flashes of light, signifies our ability to illuminate the deep and dark criminal underground, pushing the boundaries of how threat intelligence is helping companies stay one step ahead.

Check out our website too. A quick visit there highlights the Cybersixgill value proposition from the outset: we collect more data, from more dark web sources, faster, and more accurately than the competition. It also contains a fully updated, comprehensive resource center, and much more.

Sixgill’s new look marks a new stage in our company, but all of these visual updates reinforce a simple truth that has been there since the company was founded: we are redefining the category of modern threat intelligence.

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