January 12, 2023by Cybersixgill

2023 Trends: Disparities emerge in cybersecurity capabilities between private and public organizations

In our blog series delving into 2023 cybersecurity trends, we continue to see expanding attack surfaces and emerging threats. Adding further challenges to organizations across the board, government agencies and businesses will face limited talent resources and budgets, meaning they must do more with less. Yet, as the year progresses, noticeable disparities will arise in addressing cybersecurity from private and public organizations.

2023 Trend #4: Disparities emerge in cybersecurity capabilities between private and public organizations versus the federal government and across geographies.


Come 2023, in the United States – there will be different experiences for the government versus companies, with the private sector on its own regarding the increasing number and ferocity of attacks – as they currently are. Businesses will need to respond to new federal regulatory requirements. They may also experience increased attacks, given their predisposition to take visible political stances and engage in boycotts against other countries.

The Federal Government will focus on using resources to protect its organizations, as politically motivated attacks are and will increase from state-sponsored organizations and individuals and organizations who are politically motivated and incited by current actions but are not state-backed. They are motivated by finances and the strong desire to take a stance (through technology), which is their form of protest.

CISA has been pushing hard to create a set of new directives, which compose a set of first steps for Federal Civilian Executive Branch (FCEB) agencies to follow in their quest to become cyber resilient. As part of this initiative, CISA is working urgently to gain greater visibility into risks facing federal civilian networks and predicts the next step is establishing baseline requirements for all FCEB agencies to identify assets and vulnerabilities on their networks and provide data to CISA at defined intervals.

We expect a record-breaking year of cyber security breach notifications, not only because of the sophistication of threat actors – but also due to larger changes in the world: global unrest, supply chain instability, and soaring inflation – will impact an organization’s ability to mitigate, remediate, or prevent a problem.

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