The State of the Underground 2023: Digging Deeper

May 24, 2023 10am ET Virtual
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The State of the Underground 2023: Digging Deeper

Despite fluctuations in the global economy and ongoing political stability, one thing we can rely on is the prevalence of cybercrime. Over the years we have witnessed changing patterns and behaviors of threat actors as they respond to world events and technological innovations and our review of 2022 has been no exception. The development of AI tools such as ChatGPT and malicious “as-a-service” offerings has caused a frenzy of activity amongst cybercriminals, the repercussions of which are only just beginning to surface.

Join Delilah Schwartz as she takes you through the trends emerging from the cybercriminal underground and discusses:

The significant cybercriminal observations from 2022

The opportunities and obstacles currently shaping the cyber threat landscape

The evolution of initial access broker markets

The rise of cybercriminal “as-a-service” activities

Whether the barriers of entry to cybercrime are lowering

Meet our speaker

Delilah Schwartz

Delilah Schwartz

Security Strategist

Delilah Schwartz boasts a unique blend of expertise in the fields of extremism, internet-enabled radicalization and the cybercriminal underground. Leveraging her extensive multidisciplinary knowledge and research analysis skills, Delilah brings a unique perspective to the cybersecurity industry, providing valuable insights into the complex and rapidly evolving threat landscape. Delilah is passionate about democratizing cybersecurity discourse, and making ‘cyber speak’ accessible to a non-technical audience.

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