Stronger Together: ASM + CTI Exclusive Launch at RSA

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RSA Conference 24-27th April 2023 Cybersixgill Booth #5372

“I’ve never seen such results: it totally reduced alert fatigue, providing me with the full picture behind each and every indicator of threat. With Cybersixgill, we’ve been able to pre-empt a large number of attacks and improve our response time significantly.”


What you’ll learn and do at the Cybersixgill booth

Get Hands-On

Take part in our Capture the Flag challenge in the CTI Dark Lab

Discover New Products

Find out how our new ASM module will help you prioritize focus according to threat urgency and impact severity

Take The Dark Lab Challenge

Using real-life threat hunting examples, learn new skills, see our threat intelligence in action and see the cybercriminal underground like never before, in a practical session for all abilities.

  • Uncover how real threats originate in the deep and dark web

  • Understand how our threat intelligence supports your specific role

  • See and learn how threat actors think, move and communicate

  • Experience how ASM embedded with CTI will supercharge your investigations

Pattern dots

Products to see at Booth #5372


Attack Surface Management

Combining ASM with our CTI capabilities, continually discover, map, scope and classify unknown network assets that could expose your organization to risk.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Gain secure, covert access to our complete body of threat intelligence from the clear, deep and dark web extracted and processed at machine speed.

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DVE Intelligence

Streamline vulnerability analysis, prioritization and remediation with an end-to-end solution that’s proven to identify high-risk vulnerabilities before the NVD.

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