Deal Registration Terms & Guidelines


Access to the Deal Registration Program is available to channel partners that are current members in  good standing in the Cybersixgill Partner Program and to authorized distributors that are current  members in good standing in their distribution agreements with Cybersixgill. 

  1. Deal Registration Criteria 

    1. An opportunity is eligible for Deal Registration if the Partner and the Partner’s opportunity meet all  of the following criteria as determined in Cybersixgill's sole discretion: 

      1. The deal is for a single business opportunity for the resale of Cybersixgill products and services to  an end-user under the Cybersixgill Partner Program. 

      2. There are two ways to engage deal registration with Cybersixgill:

        1. Channel-In: The deal is not being pursued directly by Cybersixgill at the time the Partner submits  the deal registration. 

        2. Channel-Teaming: Cybersixgill is already engaged in this opportunity and the Partner wishes to collaborate on the deal and meets several of the channel-teaming value-add criteria.

      3. The deal is not registered by another partner. However, in certain circumstances, Cybersixgill may  grant registrations to multiple Partners for the same deal, if Cybersixgill determines it is required  by local laws.

      4. Before registering a deal, the Partner must substantiate (to Cybersixgill's satisfaction) pre-sales  efforts related to such deal, such as, but not limited to: meeting with the end-user’s decision-makers, qualifying the deal, helping the end-user to quantify the project budget with Cybersixgill or Cybersixgill products or services, or helping the end-user to define the project requirements to  include Cybersixgill or Cybersixgill products or services. Partners must include a description of such on the Deal Registration web form.In addition, partners must  document such efforts, including proof of date and time, to be provided to Cybersixgill on  request. 

      5. Partners will be asked to perform a minimum of 3 of the following Value-Add items: 

        1. Secure meeting(s) with key decision maker(s). 

        2. Provide end customer org chart.

        3. Explain end customer procurement process / book procurement meeting.

        4. Secure deep dive technical meeting.

        5. Secure Executive POV wrap-up meeting.

        6. Establish account mapping.

      6. The Partner must provide sufficient information when registering the deal to allow Cybersixgill to  determine whether the Partner is well positioned to service the deal and whether to approve  the deal registration. 

  2. Deal Registration Process 

    1. Partner must comply with all of the following to register a deal: 

      1. The deal must meet the criteria set out in Section 1. 

      2. The Partner must accurately submit the deal for review via Cybersixgill’s deal registration tool.  Each deal registration must represent a single deal with a single end-user. Partners may not  combine deals or end-user accounts for any purpose. Partners must apply for a separate deal  registration for additional or different business opportunities. 

      3. The Partner must be the first to submit the deal with complete and accurate deal information.  When submitting deal registration for approval, Partner must provide known end-user  information, including end-user’s full company name, correctly spelled. 

      4. Cybersixgill will notify the Partner by email that the deal registration is approved, and the deal  has been registered or that the deal registration has been declined. Cybersixgill will strive to  notify Partners of its decision within two business days. 

      5. Distributors must comply with Section 2.a through 2.d, and correctly provide both the reseller  and end-user information when attempting to obtain a deal registration. Distributors may  register a deal only on behalf of Partners in the Cybersixgill Partner Program. 

  3. Deal Registration Term & Renewals 

    1. Unless a different period is specified in the Regional Specific Addendum, each Deal Registration will  be valid for ninety (90) days beginning from the date of Cybersixgill’s notification of the Deal  Registration approval. In its sole discretion, Cybersixgill may grant an extension or renewal of the  Registration Term before the Deal Registration expires. Cybersixgill will not grant more than two extensions.

  4. Exceptions 

    1. Exceptions for Cybersixgill quotes and bids. 

      1. The end-user requests that Cybersixgill quote or bid on the deal. 

      2. The end-user is a current “active” customer of Cybersixgill directly for the line of product(s)  included in the deal. An end-user account is considered “active” if product(s) were sold to the  end- user by Cybersixgill directly in the last twelve (12) months. 

      3. The end-user has rejected the Partner’s bid or quote. 

      4. The Partner does not close the deal within the Registration Term, and no extension or renewal  of the Registration Term has been granted. A deal is considered “closed” when the Partner places a  purchase order for products and services specified in the Deal Registration and pays for the  invoiced amount. 

      5. The deal is the subject of a Public Tender. 

    2. Deal Registration Exceptions. Cybersixgill may, at its discretion, deny, remove, rescind, suspend, or  terminate any Deal Registration and/or registration access in any of the following scenarios:

      1. The Partner is not actively working the deal or has been inattentive to the end-user’s needs (for example, by failing to respond to the end user or Cybersixgill communications within a 30 day time period).

      2. The Partner does not lead with or quote new Cybersixgill products or services identified in its  registration form. 

      3. Cybersixgill is under a legal or contractual obligation to quote or bid on the deal, or if failure to  quote or bid on the deal could subject Cybersixgill to legal liability. 

      4. A Public Tender is issued only to a manufacturer (such as Cybersixgill), calls for submissions only  from manufacturers (such as Cybersixgill), and/or excludes the partner community from  submitting a bid. 

      5. The Partner is not able to fulfill the deal or provide support for the end-user (for example, by  failing to have sufficient credit available for the deal, if the end-user refuses to work with the  Partner, or, with respect to government deals, if the Partner doesn’t possess the required  security clearances). 

      6. The end-user chooses to fulfill its bid requirements under a contract vehicle which is not held by  the Partner, or in a manner that prevents the Partner from being able to fulfill such  requirements. 

      7. The Partner’s account has been placed on hold by Cybersixgill or the Partner has been late in  paying invoices. 

      8. It is determined that a deal is already registered to another Partner.

      9. The Partner (a) is in breach of the Cybersixgill Partner Program Agreement, (b) has engaged in  any activity that impairs the integrity of the Cybersixgill Partner Program as determined by  Cybersixgill, (c) has submitted information that is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, or  fraudulent, or (d) has engaged in conduct that causes damages, embarrassment, or adverse  publicity to Cybersixgill.

Regional-specific Addendum for Deal  Registration Terms & Guidelines

Region: North America, which includes United States (50 states and Washington, D.C.) and Canada; EMEA & APAC where permitted by law.

Registration Term: 90 days. Possible extension may be granted, subject to sales activity and Cybersixgill’s approval

Other regional specific terms and conditions: 

For Partners in Canada: If a Partner holds an approved Deal Registration  for a Public Tender, then, unless informed otherwise by Cybersixgill, Partner will indicate in its bid response that Cybersixgill has chosen, in its sole discretion, to forego submitting a direct bid. 

For Partners in the Region: Cybersixgill respects and recognizes the  investment of Partners by granting Partner of Record status as a core  benefit. A Partner holding “Partner of Record” status is expected to  register eligible opportunities in accordance with these Deal Registration Terms & Guidelines.

Last updated: 9/28/2021