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Simplifying compliance for security risk management

Cybersecurity compliance is an integral part of security risk management. Risk and security teams are charged with the task of identifying cyber threats as well as managing and monitoring the controls designed to mitigate risk. As the threat landscape continues to grow larger and more sophisticated, government regulations and industry standards have been enacted to protect organizations, consumers, data and critical infrastructure. Deploying effective security controls and security risk management programs helps avoid fines and legal consequences related to noncompliance while protecting the organization from a wide range of security risks.

The challenge for IT teams is how to ensure legal compliance when resources are constrained, headcounts are limited, and the volume and complexity of regulation continues to rise. That’s where Cybersixgill can help. Offering the cyber threat intelligence industry’s first Security Compliance and Risk program, Cybersixgill leverages industry-leading threat intelligence to simplify tasks, automate processes and provide security teams with the insight they need for better decision-making.

Four keys to effective security risk management with CTI

Cyber threat intelligence can impact security risk management and compliance in four key ways.

Gap analysis

Gap analysis is designed to uncover gaps in security controls and detection capabilities that could leave an organization open to attack and to potential compliance failure. Superior threat intelligence can help by providing up-to-the-minute details about the latest threats, indicators of compromise (IOCs) and the techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors.

Digital foot-printing

Before an organization can protect its digital assets, it must have a firm understanding of what and where those assets are. Digital foot-printing is the task of uncovering and mapping an organization’s assets that may be exposed on the clear, deep or dark web, causing the organization to be out of compliance with many regulatory frameworks. Threat intelligence can aid foot-printing efforts by providing visibility into data that may be exposed or stolen.

Security risk assessment

A security risk assessment determines the effectiveness of the security controls that an organization as put in place to guard against attacks, breaches, data leaks and other cyber risks. Assessments are a key component of many regulations and security standards. The right threat intelligence solution can aid assessment by using automation to prioritize vulnerabilities, risks and threats to audited systems, minimizing manual tasks and reducing the assessment burden for IT teams.

Enhancing due diligence audit analysis and reporting

Due diligence analysis and reporting helps uncover gaps before a mandatory audit, giving IT teams the metrics required to accelerate mitigation and remediation and ensure compliance. Threat intelligence solutions can help by enriching due diligence reporting with detailed data and insights into the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Cybersixgill’s Security Compliance and Risk programs

Cybersixgill provides security teams with agile, automated and contextual cyber threat intelligence solutions that help to prevent attacks before they materialize. With the broadest threat intelligence collection capabilities in the industry, our technology can capture, process and alert teams to emerging threats, TTPs and IOCs as they surface on the clear, deep and dark web.

Cybersixgill’s Security Compliance and Risk program helps organizations use threat intelligence to align security concerns with regulatory responsibilities and mandates. Along with certified, seasoned security assessors and auditors, the Security Compliance and Risk program offers several solutions that help achieve continuous compliance with mandatory regulations frameworks through automation and reporting that is targeted to governance, risk and compliance concerns.

  • Vulnerability Analysis and Prioritization Sanity Baseline Check offers native support for compliance gap and vulnerability analysis, helping security teams quickly prioritize identify gaps and risks to security posture.

  • Digital Foot-printing Analysis and Discovery reveals data that may be unknowingly exposed, stolen or for sale on the dark web, disclosing and mapping the kinds of exposure that could jeopardize compliance and put a company’s customers at risk.

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Posture Analysis automatically targets intelligence that is most relevant to the risk assessment process to uncover and prioritize threats, vulnerabilities and gaps within in-scope audited systems.

  • Due Diligence Audit Reporting for Compliance provides context to the proactive collection of threat intelligence to support ongoing continuous compliance and enrich security risk assessments.

Additional solutions from Cybersixgill 

Along with compliance solutions for security risk management, Cybersixgill offers several threat intelligence solutions that help security professionals continuously expose the earliest indications of risk.

Investigative Portal

Cybersixgill Investigative Portal delivers real-time context, actionable alerts and the ability to conduct covert investigations into the industry’s largest database of deep, dark and clear web threat activity. Security analysts rely on Investigative Portal to understand how each piece of intelligence relates to tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of specific threat actors. Analysts can quickly create an entire threat picture by filling in the blanks, or take a deep dive into any escalation in real time and understand the context. 

API Integration

Cybersixgill’s vast collection of cyber threat intelligence data can also be consumed, via an application programming interface (API) that integrates directly into existing workflows and system architectures to address multiple use cases & functionalities. The API offering supports database queries and query-based notifications, actionable alerts tailored to your organizational assets, automated feed of malicious IOCs, detection of leaked user credentials, real-time feed of CVE-related events and developments, multi-tenant (MSSP) configurations and more. A new integration per customer request can be created within a week.

DVE Intelligence

Cybersixgill Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) Intelligence enhances and refines the process of assessing and prioritizing remediation for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). In contrast to CVSS scores, which are based on the severity of vulnerabilities, DVE Intelligence leverages insights from the deep, dark and clear web to identify which CVEs are most likely to be exploited over the next 90 days. With this intelligence, security teams can prioritize remediation efforts for the best possible outcomes. 

Why Cybersixgill? 

Cybersixgill is dedicated to identifying and blocking cyber threats at the earliest indications of risk, before they have a chance to materialize. Our technology leverages advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to quickly prioritize, enrich and score data according to each customer’s unique assets and attack surface. By swiftly publishing threat actor profiles and identifying behavioral patterns, we give cybersecurity teams time to apply practical solutions to areas of risk exposure – before cybercriminals can launch a new attack. Our threat intelligence informs compliance-related efforts in assessing vulnerabilities, protecting brands, uncovering data fraud, identifying leaked or stolen credentials and managing third-party monitoring.

Our compliance solutions enable security and risk teams to achieve four objectives critical to any risk management strategy.

  • Align threat intelligence with cybersecurity frameworks. Using risk-based, contextualized and actionable intelligence from Cybersixgill, security and risk teams can map unique digital assets against the security frameworks required for compliance.

  • Align corporate data privacy policy with global privacy laws. Along with securing sensitive and critical data, Cybersixgill can help ensure that compliance programs meet rigorous cybersecurity and global data privacy laws.

  • Meet cyber compliance regulatory requirements and improve security control enforcement. With Cybersixgill, security and risk teams can learn how to use CTI to satisfy regulatory compliance security controls. Automated data collection helps to prove security control efficacy with industry-required compliance standards.

  • Get cyber threat intelligence tailored for compliance assessment practitioners. Offering a consultative assessment of core audit requirements, Cybersixgill helps security teams achieve cyber-regulation and security confluence and achieve quick security control and compliance wins.


What is security risk management?

Security risk management is the process of identifying security risks and establishing plans, policies, procedures and practices to address them.

What is the role of compliance in security risk management?

Complying with regulatory frameworks and industry standards helps organizations avoid the risk and adverse impact of noncompliance. Compliance also ensures that organizations have effective security controls in place to defend against cyber threats, breaches, data leaks and other cyber threats.