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Dark web monitoring enables earlier ransomware detection 

Ransomware continues to plague organizations across the globe. This type of cyberattack encrypts files, documents, or assets within an IT environment, preventing users from accessing business-critical resources until the company pays a ransom in exchange for a decryption key that will restore access. A successful ransomware attack disrupts business and may cost millions in ransom and mitigation costs, not to mention the loss of business and damage to reputation.

Early ransomware detection is essential for combating these attacks – once a ransomware attack has landed and begun encrypting files, the damage is often already done. That’s why many organizations are turning to dark web monitoring solutions from Cybersixgill that can provide early warning of potential attacks, well before a threat actor has launched a campaign. With Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence, security teams can improve ransomware detection by better understanding the anatomy of an attack and detecting activity to trigger playbooks that mitigate ransomware campaigns before they can do damage.

Dark web monitoring: the key to ransomware detection

The dark web is the part of the internet where cybercriminals interact, share information and acquire the tools of their trade. It’s where compromised credentials are bought and sold, and where attackers release the information stolen during a ransomware attack on dedicated leak sites.

Threat monitoring on the dark web can reveal a great deal about the intentions, interests, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of ransomware operators. Dark web monitoring delivers insight into the tools and attack vectors that cybercriminals may use, as well as the vulnerabilities they may plan to exploit to gain access to an IT system.

By basing ransomware detection efforts on dark web monitoring – rather than searching for signs of ransomware within an IT environment – security teams can pre-empt attacks before they launch and take steps to protect their organizations from specific ransomware threats and threat actors.

Phishing attacks are often a prelude to ransomware campaigns, dark web monitoring can help to uncover the latest phishing techniques and kits, giving security teams the tools to better train employees and protect the organization.

Detect ransomware sooner with Cybersixgill

Cybersixgill protects organizations against malicious cyberattacks like ransomware before they materialize. With the broadest intelligence collecting capabilities in the industry, we help security teams fight cybercrime, enhance ransomware detection, prevent phishing attacks, stop data leaks and manage vulnerabilities in real time.

Our threat intelligence collection solutions continuously monitor the broadest range of sources on the deep and dark web, including limited access web forums, illicit markets, invite-only messaging groups, paste sites and code repositories as well as blogs, social media and other sites on the clear web. Our fully automated collection and source-infiltration technology has the ability to scrape data that is inaccessible to other vendors, allowing us to digest tens of millions of intelligence items per day. To convert raw data into highly accurate threat intelligence, we use advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to index, correlate, analyze, tag and filter information, enriching each item with context about the nature, source and evolution of each threat.

With our powerful AI and ML processes, we have compiled over 7 million threat actor profiles that detail each actor’s history, languages, arenas of activity, peer networks, connections and relations. While most other threat intelligence feeds are generated by detecting attacks already in progress, we provide earlier ransomware detection by collecting, tagging and filtering IOCs that are sourced directly from chatter among cybercriminals in forums and marketplaces in the deep and dark web.

To enhance ransomware prevention, we offer:

  • Threat intelligence gathered from 10x more dark web sources and 13x more instant messaging apps.

  • Data extraction that is 24x faster than our competitors.

  • Technology for prioritizing vulnerabilities for remediation based on the likelihood they will be exploited by attackers in the next 90 days.

  • A dark web intelligence feed that delivers highly accurate, comprehensive, covert and automated intelligence, along with real-time alerts and essential context to combat ransomware.

  • An investigative portal that lets security analysts take a deep dive into any escalation to understand the context, research threat actors’ motives and detect interactions between threat actors in real time – earlier on the cyber killchain.

The advantages of ransomware detection with Cybersixgill

With ransomware detection technology from Cybersixgill, your security teams can:

  • Monitor threat activity. Cybersixgill enables continuous ransomware monitoring that delivers insight into the capabilities, specialties and limitations of threat actors in ransomware markets. Security teams can stay updated on the interests, motivations, activities, tools and TTPs of the actors who are the biggest threat to security.

  • Understand targets. Dedicated leak sites on the dark web provide insight into which companies are being targeted by ransomware attacks, giving security teams a heads up about potential threats.

  • Profile RaaS operators. By tracking Ransomware-as-a-Service groups and understanding their revenue-sharing models, security teams can better prepare for potential attacks.

  • Preempt threats. By collecting intelligence from the dark web before cybercriminals have launched an attack, your teams can expose risk earlier and make better decisions to prevent the next breach.

  • Prioritize remediation. Cybersixgill makes it easy to organize a patching cadence by prioritizing the vulnerabilities which are most likely to be exploited in a ransomware attack in the near future. 

Why Cybersixgill?

Cybersixgill was founded with a single purpose: to protect organizations against attacks that originate in the deep and dark web. Leveraging the power of dark web monitoring, Cybersixgill enables security teams to expose the earliest indication of risk and to preempt attacks while seamlessly integrating threat intelligence with existing security solutions.

In addition to ransomware detection, Cybersixgill enables security teams to address a broad array of other threats. With Cybersixgill, security teams can:

  • Remediate software vulnerabilities with intelligence that predicts the likelihood of a vulnerability being exploited within the next 90 days. 

  • Stay ahead of compromised credentials with automatic notifications when employee credentials are leaked.

  • Optimize the incident response lifecycle by performing investigations on the dark web to analyze and detect threats earlier.

  • Enhance threat hunting with agile intelligence that enables teams to make the right decision at the right time. 

  • Mitigate data leaks with customized automated alert warnings.

  • Protect the brand with advance warnings of brand abuse.

  • Stop leaks fast with real-time alerts when credit card credentials are leaked or sold on underground markets.


What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malicious software, or malware, that encrypts the files on a computer or server, preventing legitimate users from accessing them until a ransom is paid in exchange for a decryption key.

What is ransomware detection?

Ransomware detection solutions rely on a variety of techniques to detect ransomware code within web traffic, email attachments and files that may be downloaded. Security teams can improve ransomware detection with dark web monitoring solutions that uncover ransomware in its earliest form and threat actor intent as it first emerges on dark web marketplaces and forums.