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How to improve phishing detection 

Phishing is a particularly potent form of cybercrime that can lead to devastating attacks on organizations and their IT systems. In a phishing attack, threat actors impersonate a legitimate or trusted source to trick an individual into clicking on a malicious link, downloading a file or revealing login credentials that allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to systems. 

Phishing detection technology can do much to prevent damages from a phishing attack. For example, solutions that validate URLs and web traffic can block users from accessing malicious sites, receiving phishing emails or opening suspicious attachments. Superior detection solutions will collect intelligence from the dark web, where cybercriminals go to plan phishing campaigns or to buy and sell phishing kits. By identifying and collecting information through dark web monitoring, security teams can expose the earliest indications of phishing threats to better protect their organizations.

Cybersixgill provides timely, comprehensive and highly accurate threat intelligence to enhance phishing prevention programs. Our automated technology accesses, monitors and extracts data from a wide range of sources on the clear, deep and dark web, including many limited-access sources that are inaccessible to other threat intelligence vendors. With Cybersixgill, security teams can identify and learn about phishing and other threats to their organization, long before these attacks materialize.

Dark web monitoring and phishing detection 

Monitoring and gathering intelligence from the dark web are essential to providing security teams with the earliest indications of threats.

The dark web is a small but dangerous part of the internet. It’s accessible only through a special browser which protects the anonymity of users. Consequently, it’s a place where threat actors can go to buy and sell data or compromised credentials, or to share tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). In limited-access forums on the dark web, cybercriminals can collaborate on plans for attacks or share information about successful attacks.

This criminal activity makes the dark web a rich source of cyber threat intelligence. By monitoring sites on the dark web, security teams can often learn about phishing exploits in the earliest stages of planning. They may also learn about data, credentials or email addresses from their own company that have been exposed. They can also study the anatomy of successful phishing kits for sale, extracting intelligence that can help them configure their own defenses for better phishing detection.

Perhaps most importantly, dark web monitoring offers all this intelligence earlier in the attack lifecycle. Rather than detecting attacks in process and adjusting defenses at that time, dark web monitoring lets security teams stay ahead of the threat curve by preparing for attacks long before they occur.

Phishing detection with threat intelligence from Cybersixgill

The Cybersixgill threat intelligence platform harnesses dark web monitoring to capture, process and alert security teams to emerging threats, TTPs and indicators of compromise (IOCs) as they surface on the clear, deep and dark web. Offering the broadest collection capabilities in the industry, we covertly extract data from a broad array of sources to provide security teams with superior threat intelligence.

Our fully automated collection and source-infiltration technology can scrape data that is inaccessible to other vendors, extracting and processing intelligence in all languages and formats, including image-to-text content as it is posted. From limited-access forums on the deep and dark web to underground marketplaces and code repositories, we collect intelligence from over 700,000 sources – 500% more than our competitors – extracting data 24x faster than other threat intelligence vendors. These capabilities allow us to provide our customers with comprehensive, up-to-the-minute, highly accurate threat intelligence they can leverage for superior phishing detection.

While the breadth of our collection methods is impressive – we digest tens of millions of intelligence items a day. Using AI and ML algorithms, we index, correlate, analyze, tag and filter raw data, enriching each item with context regarding the nature, source and evolution of each threat. This reveals how each item is related to the TTPs of specific threat actors, helping teams to prepare more sophisticated defenses.

Our threat intelligence platform includes a cyber threat intelligence feed, an Investigative Portal, and a product that improves vulnerability prioritization by predicting which vulnerabilities will be exploited in the near future.

Capabilities of the Cybersixgill platform

With superior dark web monitoring and threat intelligence collection capabilities, Cybersixgill empowers security teams to accomplish several critical objectives.

Phishing detection
Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence feed provides a stream of indicators of compromise which security teams can leverage to configure phishing detection capabilities more accurately.

Vulnerability management
By reviewing which vulnerabilities are likely to be targeted, Cybersixgill helps teams to establish a more effective patching cadence to address the most dangerous vulnerabilities first.

Incident response
Performing investigations on the dark web you can help security teams analyze and detect threats earlier and optimize the incident response lifecycle.

Threat hunting
With agile threat intelligence, security teams can hunt for threats that are inside their systems or are developing on the dark web, enabling them to make more informed security decisions.

Data leak prevention
Cybersixgill’s intelligence can provide organizations with customized, automated alerts that warn of leaked organizational data.

Compromised credentials
Cybersixgill can provide automatic notifications when employee credentials are leaked or sold on the dark web.

Ransomware protection
Real-time alerts and essential context help teams to combat ransomware, malicious malware and other exploits.

Brand protection
Security teams can receive advanced warning of brand abuse such as rogue applications on app stores.

Why choose Cybersixgill?

Cybersixgill leverages the power of dark web monitoring to provide security teams with superior threat intelligence. With Cybersixgill, organizations can detect phishing attacks, ransomware, data leaks, fraud, vulnerability exploitation and other types of cybercrime earlier.

Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence assists organizations to:

  • Expose threats earlier. Our fully automated crawlers infiltrate and maintain access to limited-access sources, providing security teams with the earliest signs of risk and emerging threats. Our technology extracts and processes data in all languages and formats, including image-to-text content as it is posted.

  • Preempt cyberattacks. By capturing and blocking threats as they emerge, security teams can deploy security controls and defenses to block attacks before they happen.

  • Integrate intelligence. Cybersixgill threat intelligence can be easily integrated into existing security solutions according to the unique needs, assets and workflows of each customer.


What is phishing?

Phishing is a cyber threat where attackers use messages that appear to come from a reputable source to dupe a victim into clicking a malicious link, downloading a malicious attachment or revealing login credentials or sensitive information. Phishing is one of the most common ways that attackers gain access to a system to launch malware and to conduct larger cyberattacks.

What are phishing detection solutions?

Phishing detection solutions rely on a variety of techniques to identify and block a phishing message or to identify a phishing attack in progress.