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Malware prevention with dark web intelligence

Malware is one of the most common cyber threats – and one of the most dangerous to any business. Once malware is successfully downloaded to your system, it can help attackers to steal data and money, disrupt operations, degrade performance and shut down access to critical IT resources.

Malware prevention technologies rely on superior threat intelligence to identify and understand the latest malware threats – what they look like, how they operate and how they are deployed. To gather intelligence about malware threats as early as possible, security teams must look to the dark web. This is the place where new malware threats first surface on underground forums, illicit marketplaces, code repositories and paste sites. By constantly and covertly monitoring sources on the deep and dark web, security teams can develop the insights they need to protect their organizations against malware – before it has been deployed or downloaded.

Cybersixgill offers access to the broadest dark web monitoring capabilities in the industry. By collecting data from 10x more dark web sources and extracting data 24x faster than competitors, Cybersixgill delivers the intelligence that security teams need to effectively protect their organizations from malware, phishing attacks, ransomware and other emerging threats.

How dark web monitoring informs malware prevention

Cybercrime is a business that thrives on the dark web. This is the part of the internet that search engines can’t penetrate and where privacy and anonymity are highly protected. Consequently, it’s a place where cybercriminals can go to acquire tools to mount attacks, buy and sell compromised credentials and stolen data, exchange information on tactics and techniques, post proof-of-concept exploit code and discuss strategies in underground forums.

The amount of criminal activity on the dark web makes it a rich source for threat intelligence. By covertly monitoring dark sites, security analysts can get clear and timely insight into the nature of threats, the profiles of threat actors, and the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) they prefer.

This level of threat intelligence can be extremely valuable in malware prevention. For example, most malware detection solutions only recognize new malware once it is sold and weaponized, or once it has already been used in an attack. Cyber teams can stay ahead of malware threats by monitoring and identifying it when it is initially offered for sale on the dark web. Using covert methods, they can extract the malware hash in its preliminary phase, then block it on firewalls or trigger playbooks on SIEM, SOAR or vulnerability management platforms before anyone else has even downloaded it.

While threat intelligence from the dark web is undeniably valuable, collecting and interpreting it is incredibly difficult. That’s why more companies seeking to improve malware prevention turn to dark web threat intelligence solutions from Cybersixgill.

Malware prevention with Cybersixgill

The Cybersixgill platform offers fully automated threat intelligence solutions that help organizations fight cybercrime, detect malware, improved phishing detection and phishing prevention, block data leaks, mitigate fraud and prioritize vulnerabilities more effectively.

Our platform has proven to have the broadest threat intelligence collection capabilities available in the industry. To collect more comprehensive, timely, accurate and relevant intelligence, we covertly extract data from a wide range of sources: limited-access forums on the deep and dark web, underground marketplaces, invite-only messaging groups, code repositories, paste sites and clear web platforms. Our fully automated crawlers infiltrate limited-access sources that are inaccessible to other threat intelligence vendors, enabling us to collect more comprehensive data.

Using AI and machine learning algorithms, we immediately prioritize, enrich and score the data we collect according to the unique assets and the attack surface of each customer. We extract data much faster than our competitors and we only pass on relevant intelligence to help reduce alert fatigue and numbness.

To enable security teams to make more informed decisions about malware prevention, we enrich each bit of intelligence with context about the nature, source and evolution of each threat.

Cybersixgill Threat Intelligence

Security teams can rely on several Cybersixgill solutions to improve malware prevention. 

API Integration enables Cybersixgill’s vast collection of cyber threat intelligence data to be consumed via an application programming interface (API) that integrates directly into existing workflows and system architectures to address multiple use cases & functionalities. The API offering supports database queries and query-based notifications, actionable alerts tailored to your organizational assets, automated feed of malicious indicators of compromise, detection of leaked user credentials, real-time feed of CVE-related events and developments, multi-tenant (MSSP) configurations and more. A new integration per customer request can be created within a week.

Investigative Portal empowers security teams with the insights they need to proactively conduct threat investigations in real time in order to protect critical assets and minimize their attack surface. From a single pane of glass, security teams gain clear visibility into the organizational threat landscape and access contextual and actionable recommendations for remediation. A visual investigation platform helps analysts quickly fill in the blanks to understand the entire threat picture like never before. With the ability to deep-dive into any escalation in real time, security teams can research the profile, method of operation and history of threat actors to better understand the threats they face.

Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit Intelligence, or DVE Intelligence, helps security teams to mitigate vulnerability exploits more effectively. The solution accurately predicts which vulnerabilities will be exploited by threat actors within the next 90 days, enabling teams to prioritize these software flaws for remediation. DVE Intelligence is based on dark web chatter and other data that reveal attackers’ interest in certain vulnerabilities and the plans they have to exploit them.

Why Cybersixgill? 

Cybersixgill enables security teams to continuously expose the earliest indications of risk, identifying emerging threats and remediating vulnerabilities before attackers have a chance to exploit them. Harnessing dark web monitoring, we provide teams with contextual and actionable insights that allow them to better defend the organization from a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Our solutions converge and consolidate underground threat intelligence with a contextual model that powers and modernizes all tools, platforms and processes in the enterprise security stack. With solutions that are completely covert, we protect the anonymity of security teams and assets. Our intelligence is delivered in real time with unmatched extraction speed, ensuring that Cybersixgill is the best source for fresh intelligence. By providing a solution that is 100% automated, we eliminate human error, reduce false positives and increase the productivity of security professionals.


What is malware?

Malware, short for malicious software, is an intrusive program developed by threat actors to help them steal data or money order, to disrupt business, to damage IT assets or to launch additional attacks.

What is malware prevention?

Malware prevention is a class of technologies designed to identify and block malware in web traffic or email attachments or to block access to URLs that that are known to surreptitiously download malware to a user’s device. Malware prevention solutions also include dark web monitoring technologies that can identify new malware code as it emerges on dark websites. This intelligence allows security teams to block malware via firewalls or by triggering playbooks in SIEM, SOAR and VM platforms.

What is the deep web vs. dark web?

The deep web is the nonpublic part of the internet and is made up of largely legitimate assets such as private databases, corporate networks, internet-accessible assets behind a pay wall, and other data or sites that can’t be publicly accessed. The dark web is a small part of the deep web that can only be accessed by a browser which protects the privacy and anonymity of users. For this reason, the dark web is a favorite location for cybercriminals who use this part of the web to do business and communicate with one another.