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Cybercrime is a business – and it thrives in the underground. Dark web forums, instant messaging apps and other closed sources are where various “goods” are traded: Leaked information – credentials, financial and personal. From ransomware tools and services, through malware services – all the way to insider recruitment campaigns, deep and dark web monitoring is a must for any enterprise wishing to protect against external threats. 

The Benefits Of Real-Time Dark Web Monitoring

Consider the following scenario: A threat actor has created malware and distributed it on the dark web. Traditional threat intelligence feeds will detect the new malware only once the malware is sold and weaponized, or worse, when the attack has already happened.

Cybersixgill dark web monitoring solves this in 3 easy steps:

1. Detect the malware when it is initially offered for sale on the dark web.

2. Extract the malware hash in the preliminary phase.

3. Block it on your firewall, trigger playbooks on your SIEM, SOAR, EPP,or VM platforms before anyone else has even downloaded it.

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The Impact Of Autonomous Dark Web Monitoring

Your teams will combat the incoming threats faster and in a more scalable way than ever before:

  • Leverage more relevant data

  • Get faster, more accurate data

  • Gain data that is matched with specific playbooks on your SOAR/SIEM

How Cybersixgill Solves The Challenges Of Dark Web Monitoring

Get Real-Time Intelligence

When it comes to threat intelligence, timing is crucial. In most cases, curated reports provide information after the fact. The intel then is often irrelevant or obsolete. Cybersixgill maintains a broad infrastructure of automated, real-time collectors that continuously scour underground sources for threats; providing you with more data and less blindspots in order to stop threats.


Get the Right Context

Other threat intelligence vendors provide curated reports and feeds which are either too high level, failing to help you trigger the right action. Cybersixgill provides contextual data and matches it with automated actionable workflows, playbooks, prioritizations and remediation processes on your security stack.


Enrich Your Security Platforms With Automated Dark Web Monitoring

Cybercrime evolves at the speed of innovation, and the only way for cybersecurity teams to keep pace is by harnessing automation. Darkfeed is a feed of malicious indicators of compromise (IOCs), including domains, URLs, hashes, and IP addresses. Powered by an extensive collection of deep and dark web sources, it provides advanced warnings about new cyberthreats.

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Actor's Intent-Based Vulnerability Assessment

Add an essential layer of context based on actors’ intent. Due to the most comprehensive deep and dark web intelligence collection, you get real-time visibility and understanding of the vulnerabilities that interest threat actors the most. DVE’s audit trail provides the rationale behind the score, including POC exploit codes for zero day vulnerabilities – so you can understand what interests cyber criminals and make better decisions – even for vulnerabilities with no CVSS rating.

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