The Cybersixgill Dark Lab Certification

Cybersixgill's Dark Lab certification validates that an individual has successfully completed the Cybersixgill Dark Lab Threat Hunting challenge. Participants engage in true-to-life threat hunting scenarios within the deep and dark web, in a capture-the-flag style competition.

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Certification Description

The Cybersixgill Dark Lab Certified certification signifies proficiency in navigating and extracting actionable intelligence from the deep and dark web. Participants demonstrate advanced skills in threat hunting, intel gathering, and creating queries tailored to scenarios including Hacktivism, geographic threats, fraud, data leaks, counter terrorism, counter narcotics, compromised endpoints, brand protection, basic search functionality, initial access brokers, ransomware, malware, and vulnerabilities.

Dark lab threat actor

Key Competencies:

Threat Hunting:

Proven ability to proactively search for and mitigate cyber threats across various dark web sources.

Intel Gathering:

Skill in collecting and analyzing intelligence from diverse sources to identify potential threats.

Query Creation:

Expertise in formulating effective queries to address specific threat scenarios such as Hacktivism, fraud, ransomware, and more.

Certification Validity:

The Cybersixgill Dark Lab Certified certification is valid for one year. To maintain this certification, professionals are encouraged to stay current with advancements in threat intelligence and may undergo periodic re-evaluation or continuing education to ensure ongoing proficiency.

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Cybersixgill captures, processes and alerts teams to emerging threats, and their exposure to risk as it surfaces on the clear, deep and dark web, giving security teams access to the most complete coverage of threat intelligence from the cybercriminal underground.

New intelligence items indexed on a daily basis


Collection from dark web sources


Faster data extraction than competitors


CVEs continuously analyzed in real-time

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