November 14, 2023

Cybersixgill Wins Top Honors with 2023 CISO Choice Award for Threat Intelligence

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 14, 2023Cybersixgill, the global cyber threat intelligence data provider, announced today that it was named the 2023 CISO Choice Awards winner for Threat Intelligence. Honoring security vendors of all types and sizes, the CISO Choice Awards are the first vendor recognition by a board of judges – leading CISOs across industries – who select the winning solutions and providers based on their real-world experience.

“We’re honored to receive the CISO Choice Award for our threat intelligence solution,” said Tracey Moon, Chief Marketing Officer for Cybersixgill. “Our goal is to help customers proactively strengthen their cyber defense with contextual intelligence from across the clear, deep, and dark web that informs strategic business and cybersecurity decisions. Without information and context about cybercriminals’ hidden schemes, security teams make decisions using irrelevant, incomplete, or even obsolete information. Our unmatched insights into underground activities give organizations a powerful advantage in cyber warfare.”

The CISO Choice Award recognizes Cybersixgill for penetrating this shadowy network and eliminating the dark-web “bottleneck” that slows threat responses and diminishes security. In addition, Cybersixgill is recognized for critical, distinguishing features such as:

  • Data: Cybersixgill has fully automated, real-time intelligence collection, extraction, filtering, and prioritization from the most extensive base of sources, including limited-access underground sources in any format, language, or platform, enriching each item with critical context. 

  • Alerts Delivered First: Automated, real-time alerts triggered by each organization’s uniquely defined assets and needs. Cybersixgill alerts customers minutes after the threat first surfaces on the deep, dark web, often days or weeks BEFORE a threat actor launches an attack.

  • Value: Cybersixgill has the most comprehensive and unrestricted access to an entire body of collected intelligence. Cybersixgill customers see an average of 311% ROI over three years.

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About Cybersixgill

Cybersixgill continuously collects and exposes the earliest indications of risk by threat actors moments after they surface on the clear, deep, and dark web. The company’s vast intelligence data lake, derived from millions of underground sources, is processed, correlated, and enriched using automation and advanced AI. Cybersixgill captures, processes, and alerts teams to emerging threats, TTPs, IOCs, and their exposure to risk based on each organization’s complete attack surface and internal context. Its expert intelligence and insights, available through a range of seamlessly integrated options, enable customers to pre-empt threats before they materialize into attacks. The company serves and partners with global enterprises, financial institutions, MSSPs, and government and law enforcement agencies. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. To schedule a demo, please visit  

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