April 27, 2017

Cybersixgill Selected as One of the Top Ten Most Innovative and Promising Digital initiatives of the Year by Netexplo, in Partnership with UNESCO

PARIS–Sixgill (www.cybersixgill.com), a leading cyber-intelligence company that analyzes the Dark Web, is announcing today that it’s been selected as one of the top ten most innovative and promising digital initiatives of the year at 10th Netexplo Forum in partnership with UNESCO.

In a time of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and hackers, Cybersixgill provides a solution proven to drastically reduce damages to enterprises, governments, and organizations. Cybersixgill gathers and analyzes “big data” to build patterns and profiles of Dark Web social networks and their hidden actors by automatically monitoring both open, closed, and hybrid Dark Web forums. With this information, Cybersixgill can identify and track potential cyber criminals as they plan their illegal activity, and help prevent both cyber attacks and sensitive data leaks, as well as expose illegal online marketplaces.

The Netexplo Forum is an annual event held in partnership with UNESCO on digital innovation. The event highlights some of the most innovative and promising companies from around the globe that are inventing new forms of education, communication, information, solidarity and management.

The nomination further solidifies Cybersixgill’s standing as one of the leading cyber-intelligence companies in the world. The company was previously selected as one of the top five most innovative companies at the Cybox competition at Cybertech 2016.

“We’re honored to be selected as one of the top global innovators by the Netexplo Forum and UNESCO, and we credit our amazing team, comprised of former Israeli elite intelligence officers and veteran disruptive tech specialists, for helping make this a reality,” said Avi Kasztan, Cybersixgill’s CEO and Co-Founder.

About Cybersixgill

Cybersixgill was founded in 2014 by Avi Kasztan and Elad Lavi, to detect and defuse cyber threats and attacks on organizations originating from the Dark Web. Cybersixgill is a graduate of the Citi Accelerator in Tel Aviv, and is working closely with Citi mentors to adapt the product capabilities to the needs of large global enterprises.