November 29, 2023

Cybersixgill Named Platinum Winner of 2023 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award for Best Threat Intelligence Solution

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 29, 2023Cybersixgill, the global cyber threat intelligence data provider, announced today that it is the platinum recipient of the 2023 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award from American Security Today. Cybersixgill was recognized for Cybersixgill IQ, its new generative AI, representing a significant breakthrough in cyber threat intelligence (CTI).

American Security Today’s Annual ASTORS Awards is a distinguished U.S. Homeland Security Awards Program. Now in its eighth year, the ASTORS Award recognizes industry leaders of physical and border security, cybersecurity, emergency preparedness – management and response, law enforcement, and first responders, as well as federal, state, and municipal government agencies, to acknowledge their outstanding efforts to Keep our Nation Secure.

The ASTORS Homeland Security Awards Program is specifically designed to honor distinguished government and leading cyber vendor solutions that deliver enhanced value, benefit, and intelligence to end users in various government, homeland security, and public safety vertical markets.

“As the nation continues to respond to escalating threats from home and abroad, the innovative solutions being implemented to meet those threats has led to tremendous growth in the field of Homeland Security,” said Michael Madsen, co-founder and publisher of American Security. “Today, the United States is increasingly focusing on protecting IT/cyber security networks, and they are calling on innovative companies like Cybersixgill to help them do so.”

Harnessing state-of-the-art generative AI technologies, Cybersixgill IQ makes cyber threat intelligence (CTI) accessible to organizations at any security maturity level and addresses a multitude of user personas and cybersecurity challenges. Cybersixgill IQ generative AI provides a brand new CTI customer experience with streamlined, actionable insights that facilitate faster response times to cyber attacks, empowering security teams to focus on critical tasks and improve efficiencies.  

“We are honored that American Security Today’s distinguished 2023 ASTORS Awards Program recognizes our achievements in cybersecurity threat intelligence,” said Tracey Moon, Cybersixgill’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Delivering valuable and impactful AI solutions is in our company's DNA, as we’ve been building AI-driven products for years. Cybersixgill IQ enables all organizations and users to get value from CTI, regardless of their level of adoption or understanding, allowing everyone to reap the benefits of automated intelligence customized to their needs.”

About Cybersixgill

Cybersixgill continuously collects and exposes the earliest indications of risk by threat actors moments after they surface on the clear, deep, and dark web. The company’s vast intelligence data lake, derived from millions of underground sources, is processed, correlated, and enriched using automation and advanced AI. Cybersixgill captures, processes, and alerts teams to emerging threats, TTPs, IOCs, and their exposure to risk based on each organization’s complete attack surface and internal context. Its expert intelligence and insights, available through a range of seamlessly integrated options, enable customers to pre-empt threats before they materialize into attacks. The company serves and partners with global enterprises, financial institutions, MSSPs, and government and law enforcement agencies. For more information, visit and follow us on X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn. To schedule a demo, please visit  

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