August 4, 2020

Cybersixgill Joins Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Marketplace as a Launch Partner

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 4, 2020 — Cybersixgill, a leading threat intelligence company, today announced that Darkfeed™, its fully automated stream of indicators of compromise, is now available on the Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Marketplace, the industry’s most comprehensive security orchestration marketplace. Cybersixgill joins a select group of Cortex XSOAR Marketplace launch partners who have developed valuable intelligence content packs for customers, which consists of Darkfeed’s threat intelligence stream, playbooks for your use cases and a customized dashboard. The intelligence content pack from Cybersixgill Darkfeed on Cortex XSOAR Marketplace accelerates customers’ incident prevention and response by combining Cybersixgill’s industry leading feed of threat intelligence with XSOAR’s unparalleled levels of automation.

By relying on Darkfeed for threat intelligence and Cortex XSOAR for security orchestration and incident response, security teams can automate emerging and immediate warnings through Cortex XSOAR playbooks. These playbooks harness Darkfeed’s indicators of compromise to trigger and execute actions across the SOC’s entire security stack.

“A robust, open ecosystem is at the heart of Cortex XSOAR. We are proud to welcome Cybersixgill to the industry’s largest SOAR ecosystem,” said Rishi Bhargava, vice president of product strategy, Cortex XSOAR at Palo Alto Networks. “Having Cybersixgill’s Darkfeed available on the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace will enable our shared customers to rapidly scale automation and further improve their security posture.”

“The security environment is fast-paced and chaotic. Without the proper tools, it’s impossible for security teams to keep up,” said Ron Shamir, Cybersixgill’s vice president of products and technology alliances. “Security analysts spend way too much time responding to meaningless alerts. Darkfeed and Cortex XSOAR cut through the noise, automate security, and let professionals focus on what matters.”

Cortex XSOAR is the industry’s first extended security orchestration and automation platform that simplifies security operations by unifying automation, case management, real-time and threat intel management. As a native extension of Cortex XSOAR, the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace enables customers to discover, share, and consume orchestration innovations contributed by the industry’s largest SOAR community.

About Cybersixgill

Sixgill’s fully automated threat intelligence solutions help organizations fight cyber crime, detect phishing, data leaks, fraud and vulnerabilities as well as amplify incident response — in real-time. Cybersixgill’s investigative portal empowers security teams with contextual and actionable alerts along with the ability to conduct real-time, covert investigations. Rich intelligence streams such as Darkfeed™ harness Cybersixgill’s unmatched intelligence collection capabilities and deliver real-time intel into organizations’ existing security systems to help proactively block threats. Current customers include enterprises, financial services, MSSPs, governments and law enforcement entities.

To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter: @cybersixgill and LinkedIn.

About Cortex XSOAR

Cortex XSOAR is an extended security orchestration, automation and response platform that unifies case management, automation, real-time collaboration and threat intel management to transform every stage of the incident lifecycle. Teams can manage alerts across all sources, standardize processes with playbooks, take action on threat intel and automate response for any security use case – resulting in significantly faster responses that require less manual review.