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Visibility is the key to digital asset management

For all its benefits, digital transformation is creating new challenges for security teams protecting digital assets. Hybrid cloud environments, distributed workforces, and BYOD initiatives have made it far more difficult to visualize – let alone protect – all the cyber and digital assets within an organization’s footprint. Shadow IT, mergers and acquisitions, and the use of personal devices have greatly expanded the attack surface, making it easier for attackers to find assets they can exploit to gain entry to an organization’s network.

To visualize the attack surface, IT teams need digital asset management solutions that deliver complete visibility into all known and unknown networked assets. That’s where Cybersixgill can help. Our Attack Surface Management (ASM) module discovers all externally facing assets, eliminating threat exposure blind spots. With Cybersixgill, your security teams also get threat intelligence that is filtered for your organization’s unique internal needs and attack surface.

The challenges of protecting cyber assets

Security teams face several critical hurdles as they seek to visualize and protect digital assets.

  • Shadow IT. From unsecured filesharing sites and unapproved cloud SaaS applications to personal devices and USB flash drives, employees use a broad range of “shadow” technologies that IT teams know nothing about.

  • Software vulnerabilities. More digital assets mean more software vulnerabilities that must be patched or remediated. IT teams that are already overwhelmed with competing priorities may have difficulty maintaining an optimal patching cadence.

  • Evolving threats. Cybercriminals are constantly devising new ways to exploit digital assets to penetrate networks and gain unauthorized access. Security teams need solutions that can deliver the earliest indication of risk, enabling them to put protections in place as soon as possible.

  • Alert fatigue. Teams are often overwhelmed by a virtual flood of alerts, emails about updates, and other security warnings. The sheer volume of information contributes to alert fatigue and makes it difficult to filter out the most important data concerning the biggest threats.

  • Lack of resources. Many security teams today are perpetually understaffed and lack sufficient skills to execute digital asset management initiatives.

To solve these challenges, security teams today need asset discovery solutions that can quickly identify all known and unknown assets within the organization’s digital footprint. Teams also need external attack surface management solutions that deliver relevant vulnerability and threat intelligence, allowing them to focus their efforts on the areas that matter most. That’s where Cybersixgill excels.

Cybersixgill Attack Surface Management

As one of the industry’s leading threat intelligence companies, Cybersixgill protects organizations against malicious cyberattacks before they materialize, no matter where they come from. Our solutions empower security teams with agile, automated and contextual cyber threat intelligence that provides alerts to emerging threats and simplifies cyber asset attack surface management. 

Cybersixgill Attack Surface Management automatically discovers, scopes, and classifies all known and unknown externally facing networked assets to develop a comprehensive attack surface map and an inventory of all assets. These may include IPs and hosts, domains, subdomains, software products, third-party products, executive names, credit card BINs, CVEs, certificates, storage locations and more. To ensure a single source of truth for asset inventory, Cybersixgill ASM integrates easily with third-party solutions such as Qualys, Axonius, Tenable, and Arms. 

After identifying digital assets, security teams can integrate data into Cybersixgill’s Investigative Portal. This provides context that helps to filter, refine, and focus our best-in-class threat intelligence, enabling teams to eliminate alert fatigue while prioritizing the treatment of exposed assets based on threat urgency, impact severity, and business criticality.

Benefits of digital asset management with Cybersixgill

When choosing Cybersixgill ASM for digital asset management, security teams can:

  • Automate and streamline discovery of known and unknown enterprise networked assets. Cybersixgill ASM provides a comprehensive view of digital assets, helping security teams to detect threats, stop fraud, block attacks, and improve ransomware prevention more successfully.

  • Prioritize treatment of exposed assets to mitigate and reduce risk. Cybersixgill ASM makes it easy to identify the greatest areas of risk based on threat urgency, impact severity and business criticality. Cybersixgill delivers insight into asset association, location, context, asset type, connected assets, associated CVEs and other details.

  • Increase productivity and rationalize security stacks. Cybersixgill ASM combines digital asset management, external attack surface management and threat intelligence enrichment. With Cybersixgill, security teams can immediately view asset-triggered alerts of potential exposures, categorized according to asset type.

Why choose Cybersixgill? 

At Cybersixgill, our mission is to help security teams continuously expose the earliest indication of risk. Offering the broadest threat intelligence collection capabilities in the industry, we covertly extract data from a wide range of sources including forums and markets on the deep and dark web, invite-only messaging groups, code repositories, paste sites and clear web platforms.

Customers rely on Cybersixgill technology to provide:

  • Threat context. After collecting data from a broad array of sources, we process, index, tag, filter, and enrich it with context. Our threat intelligence provides security teams with details on the nature, source, type, urgency and status of each threat, along with recommendations for remediation.

  • Covert collection. To protect your security teams and keep your assets fully anonymous, Cybersixgill delivers the only fully covert solutions in the industry.

  • Automated technology. Our solutions for collecting and correlating intelligence are 100% automated to minimize human error, reduce false positives and increase productivity of security teams.

  • Relevant intelligence. Our threat intelligence is tailored to the needs, workflow, assets and attack surface of each customer, preventing security teams from being inundated with a flood of irrelevant data and alerts.

  • Integrated intelligence. Cybersixgill threat intelligence can be seamlessly integrated into existing SIEM, SOAR, VM and other platforms with the help of 24 integration partners and 40 API endpoints.


What is digital asset management in cybersecurity?

In the field of cybersecurity, digital asset management is the practice of continually discovering digital assets connected to an organization’s network and ensuring that each asset is adequately protected.

What are the benefits of digital asset management?

Superior digital asset management provides complete visibility into an organization’s asset inventory, enabling security teams to understand the size and nature of the attack surface. By classifying each asset according to its risk, criticality, and severity of impact in the event of an attack, security teams can focus resources where they are most needed to improve the security posture of the organization. The data produced through digital asset management can also help to refine and focus threat intelligence to ensure that security teams are receiving the most relevant and helpful information and alerts.