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Cyber asset attack surface management

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The challenge of cyber asset attack surface management

For security teams, the task of protecting cyber assets and reducing the attack surface grows harder each year. Digital transformation trends like hybrid workforces, multi-cloud environments and BYOD have dramatically increased the size and complexity of the attack surface. With a proliferation of devices, technologies and cloud services, many teams are unable to visualize all the cyber assets comprising their attack surface, let alone take steps to protect them. Threat intelligence solutions could offer some help, but too often the sheer volume of data they produce overloads security teams, delays detection and complicates remediation of critical cyber incidents.

As one of the industry’s leading threat intelligence companies, Cybersixgill offers a solution to the challenges of cyber asset attack surface management. By enabling complete visibility and delivering relevant, filtered intelligence, Cybersixgill Attack Surface Management helps security teams cut through the noise and focus on the threats and insights that matter most to their organization.

Dealing with alert fatigue

Cyber threat intelligence is essential to the task of assessing and prioritizing organizational risk. However, when intelligence is delivered without indication of its relevance to the organization, it can be overwhelming. Security teams that are blanketed with alerts from multiple sources often experience alert fatigue, diminishing their ability to identify the most serious threats and take steps to remediate them.

Alert fatigue is caused by several factors:

  • Too many false positives. When cybersecurity technology and feeds are calibrated to produce continuous alerts for non-threatening or irrelevant events, IT teams can become progressively desensitized.

  • Inadequate customization. When threat intelligence solutions cannot be customized to the needs of the organization, the unfiltered intelligence security teams receive makes it hard to prioritize efforts.

  • Multiple solutions. Security stacks are often full of complex and redundant solutions, producing a high volume of alerts that are difficult to correlate and consolidate.

  • Lack of context. Receiving security alerts without context inevitably makes it harder for teams to determine severity and criticality.

  • Skills shortage. Many IT teams lack enough skilled security professionals to adequately keep up with all the updates and alerts produced by their threat intelligence feeds and partners.

Cyber asset attack surface management with Cybersixgill

Cybersixgill provides organizations with exclusive, real-time access to the industry’s largest database of threat activity from the deep, dark and clear web. Our fully automated threat intelligence solutions help organizations improve ransomware detection, fight cybercrime, prevent fraud, and enhance cyber asset attack surface management.

Cybersixgill Attack Surface Management (ASM) is an add-on module to our industry-leading CTI solutions. This Cybersixgill solution continuously discovers, scopes and classifies your network assets – both known and unknown – to eliminate blind spots and deliver complete visibility into your cyber assets and attack surface. ASM provides a complete inventory of your cyber assets – from IPs, domains and subdomains to products, third-party products, executive names and credit card BINs. 

The details of these external-facing cyber assets can be seamlessly integrated into our Investigative Portal interface, providing organizational context that lets us filter and refine our best-in-class threat intelligence for the needs of your unique attack surface. With Cybersixgill’s external attack surface management solution, your security teams can:

  • Prioritize treatment of exposed assets according to threat urgency, business criticality, and impact severity.

  • Automate and streamline the discovery of known and unknown network assets that could expose your organization to risk.

  • Optimize productivity and rationalize your security stack with a single solution that combines cyber asset attack surface management and threat intelligence enrichment.

Features of Cybersixgill ASM

Cybersixgill ASM delivers essential features that streamline cyber asset attack surface management.

  • Continuous external asset discovery. ASM provides automated, continuous discovery and mapping of known and unknown externally facing assets and systems. These include domains, subdomains, IPs and hosts, software, certificates, storage locations, CVEs and more. ASM enables teams to create a single source of truth for internal asset inventory by integrating with third-party solutions like Axonius, Tenable, Arms and Qualys.

  • Asset inventory management and threat intelligence. ASM improves inventory management by providing insight into details like asset association, type, context, location, and related or connected assets. Customized labels and tags enable user-defined asset allocation according to business criticality. Digital asset management features provide both a summary and detailed view of all assets, including anomalies for specific asset types. 

  • Threat monitoring. Cybersixgill’s cyber asset attack surface management solution delivers immediate, asset-triggered alerts of potential exposures categorized according to asset type. Security teams can run threat hunting and incident response investigations based on specific needs and assets. Cybersixgill also automates the attribution of potentially high-risk CVEs and easily prioritizes vulnerability treatment based on real-time threat context, exploitability and urgency.

Why Cybersixgill?

By providing security teams with agile, automated and contextual cyber threat intelligence, Cybersixgill protects organizations against malicious cyberattacks before they materialize. Our technology harnesses deep, dark and clear web monitoring to expose the earliest indications of risk on the sites where threat actors are most likely to leave signals of their intentions and footprints of their plans.

Cybersixgill’s automated technologies accelerate time-to-insight, minimize human error, reduce false positives and increase productivity for security teams. Contextual insights accompany each bit of threat intelligence, helping security teams to better understand the nature, source and urgency of each threat as well as the required steps for mitigation. And because threat actors operate around the world, our solutions support threat intelligence collection in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.


What is an attack surface?

An organization’s attack surface is the sum of all the software and hardware assets that an attacker may exploit to gain unauthorized access to an IT environment.

What is cyber asset attack surface management?

Cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) presents a unified view of cyber assets that helps security teams manage and reduce the attack surface. By providing a consolidated view of all cyber assets, CAASM solutions eliminate blind spots and enable security teams to prioritize efforts to address the areas of greatest risk.