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How to simplify attack surface management 

Managing your attack surface today is a daunting proposition. Digital transformation has made it far more difficult to visualize the attack surface, let alone protect it. From proliferating digital assets and personal devices to growing numbers of applications and cloud-based services, attackers have a growing number of opportunities to penetrate defenses and breach systems. Security teams with limited time and resources facing an onslaught of threats must find ways to prioritize efforts, focusing their energies and budgets on addressing areas of greatest risk.

Cybersixgill can help. As a leading provider of fully automated threat intelligence solutions, Cybersixgill now offers an Attack Surface Management solution to deliver complete visibility into your organization’s attack surface and eliminate threat exposure blind spots. With Cybersixgill, security teams can cut through the noise and focus on the threats and insights that matter most to your organization.

The challenges of managing the attack surface

Security teams must overcome several major challenges when managing and protecting the attack surface.

  • Visibility gaps. Mergers, acquisitions, new technologies, and expanding digital footprints often result in huge visibility gaps that make it difficult to accurately identify all the vulnerable assets that comprise the attack surface.

  • Software vulnerabilities. Despite the best efforts of development teams, there are hundreds of thousands of application vulnerabilities that may be exploited by attackers, with new vulnerabilities introduced every day.

  • Sophisticated threats. From phishing attacks and compromised credentials to remote code execution and unsecured web apps, potential attack vectors are constantly growing in volume and sophistication.

  • Alert fatigue. Security teams are inundated with alerts and updates from a multitude of security solutions, making it impossible to analyze them all and triage the most urgent items.

  • Shortage of skills. Many organizations lack enough skilled threat professionals to effectively manage the attack surface and defend against an overload of threats.

To overcome these hurdles, security teams need cyber asset attack surface management solutions that can automatically discover all assets and eliminate alert fatigue with threat intelligence customized for the organization’s unique attack surface.

Cybersixgill Attack Surface Management

Cybersixgill offers the industry’s broadest threat intelligence collection capabilities, covertly extracting data from a wide range of sources on the deep, dark and clear web. As an add-on to Cybersixgill’s market-leading CTI, Attack Surface Management (ASM) delivers complete visibility into your organization’s attack surface. ASM continuously discovers, scopes, and classifies known and unknown externally facing networked assets. By eliminating threat exposure blind spots, Cybersixgill ASM lets teams develop a complete asset inventory including IPs, domains, subdomains, products, third-party products, executive names and credit card BINs.

This data is seamlessly integrated into our Investigative Portal interface, providing context to help filter, refine and focus our best-in-class threat intelligence in real time. By tailoring intelligence to the type of threats most likely to impact your unique attack surface, Cybersixgill’s ASM helps prioritize treatment of exposed assets according to the urgency of the threat, severity of impact and criticality of business assets.

Cybersixgill delivers fully automated technology that reduces the burden on IT teams. By streamlining asset discovery, ASM makes it easy to identify all known and unknown enterprise networked assets that can expose your organization to risk. With a single solution for external attack surface management and threat intelligence enrichment, you can optimize productivity, rationalize your security stack and eliminate alert fatigue.

Additional solutions from Cybersixgill

Along with our Attack Surface Management solution, the Cybersixgill threat intelligence platform includes:

  • Investigative Portal. Cybersixgill Investigative Portal offers access to unmatched intelligence data, empowering security teams to conduct in-depth threat intelligence investigations to better assess digital threats, reduce risk exposure and minimize damage. Investigative Portal detects interactions between cybercriminals in real time and reveals the preferred TTPs of specific threat actors. With deeper insight into emerging threats, security teams can take action to prevent and mitigate ransomware attacks, cybercrime, fraud, phishing attacks and other cyber threats. 

  • Darkfeed. Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence feed leverages a vast collection of deep and dark web sources to provide unique advanced warnings about potential threats. Providing an automated intelligence stream of IOCs in real time – IP addresses, domains, file hashes and URLs – Darkfeed can be easily integrated into existing security stacks to share highly accurate, covert, automated and comprehensive intelligence throughout the organization.

  • DVE Intelligence. Cybersixgill Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) Intelligence reduces the risk and cost of vulnerability management through automation, advanced analytics and rich vulnerability exploit intelligence. By accessing contextual vulnerability intelligence collected from deep and dark web sources, DVE Intelligence accurately predicts the likelihood that a vulnerability will be targeted by threat actors within the next 90 days. This intelligence allows security teams to prioritize more dangerous vulnerabilities for earlier remediation.

The Cybersixgill difference

Cybersixgill is dedicated to helping cybersecurity professionals continuously expose the earliest indications of risk. Leveraging the power of AI, machine learning, NLP and big data, our technology represents a quantum leap into the future of threat intelligence collection.

With Cybersixgill, security teams can count on:

  • Covert data collection. When gathering threat intelligence, it’s essential that cybercriminals are unaware of your presence. Cybersixgill technology is fully covert, allowing security teams and their assets to remain completely anonymous.

  • Automated solutions. Unlike other solutions that require human intervention, Cybersixgill’s data collection and correlation technology is 100% automated. Cybersixgill solutions reduce human error, minimize false positives and increase the productivity of analysts and security teams.

  • Essential context. Our intelligence is enriched with details concerning the urgency of each threat or breach, helping security teams better understand how to prioritize mitigation.

  • Real-time intelligence. Cybersixgill technology identifies threat activity on the deep and dark web as it happens – before attacks are launched or leaked credentials are offered for sale. With unmatched extraction speed, Cybersixgill delivers fresh intelligence to accelerate threat mitigation.

  • Multilingual. While Cybersixgill currently supports English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, a powerful translation engine makes it possible to uncover threats in any language.

Section 6 - FAQs


What is an attack surface?

An attack surface consists of all the assets and attack vectors that may be exploited by cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to an organization’s IT environment. 

What is attack surface management?

Attack surface management is the task of identifying all assets that might be exploited by an attacker, calculating their level of risk and criticality to the business, and putting protections in place to minimize risk. Attack surface management solutions provide digital asset management tools that deliver visibility into the attack surface, and threat intelligence solutions that help to identify potential threats and risks to different categories of assets.