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Asset discovery is the key to attack surface management

Reducing the attack surface is a top priority for every security team today. IT trends like hybrid workforces, BYOD initiatives and the proliferation of cloud services have dramatically expanded the attack surface, providing cybercriminals with new potential points of entry to network environments. 

To adequately protect and reduce the attack surface, security teams need a clear view of all the digital assets within an IT ecosystem, and the criticality and risk that each asset represents. Yet, teams often lack the asset discovery capabilities required to develop a comprehensive inventory of all digital assets.

That’s where Cybersixgill can help. As one of the industry’s leading threat intelligence companies, we offer an Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution that delivers complete visibility into your organization’s attack surface. When combined with our best-in-class threat intelligence technologies, Cybersixgill ASM can deliver intelligence that’s customized for your unique needs and attack surface.

The challenges of asset discovery

As they seek to understand the attack surface, security teams face several hurdles to comprehensive asset discovery.

  • Evolving systems. Every digital asset must be replaced or upgraded at some point. When IT teams lack a plan for organizing digital asset management, it can be very difficult to track which assets have been deployed, updated or taken offline.

  • Dynamic networks. In today’s highly distributed networks and workforces, new cyber assets may come online at any given moment. That means IT teams need tools that can generate real-time information when new assets connect to the network.

  • Resource shortages. Many IT teams are experiencing a shortage of skills and staff that makes it difficult to stay on top of the time-consuming, manual process of asset discovery. 

  • Lack of visibility. Highly distributed networks, the use of cloud resources, and shadow IT all make it harder for IT teams to have complete visibility into the network and cyber assets.

  • Expanding endpoints. From cloud and mobile devices to IoT sensors and the laptops of work-from-home employees, enterprises today are experiencing a rapid proliferation of endpoints that are difficult to visualize and inventory.

To overcome these asset discovery challenges, security teams need solutions that can automatically inventory the entire IT footprint and deliver comprehensive visibility into the size and nature of the attack surface.

Cybersixgill Attack Surface Management

At Cybersixgill, we are dedicated to helping security professionals continuously expose the earliest indications of risk. Our fully automated threat intelligence solutions enable security teams to fight cybercrime, block phishing attacks, detect data leaks, prevent fraud and remediate software vulnerabilities with greater efficiency.

Cybersixgill Attack Surface Management is an add-on module embedded with our market-leading CTI solutions. This external attack surface management solution continuously discovers, scopes and classifies externally facing network assets – both known and unknown – to deliver a complete asset inventory. Cybersixgill ASM can discover and inventory everything from IPs and hosts, domains and subdomains, software and third-party products, executive names, credit card BINs, CVEs, certificates, storage locations and more.

The data produced through asset discovery with Cybersixgill ASM can be seamlessly integrated and managed within our Investigative Portal interface. This allows us to filter, refine, and focus our best-in-class threat intelligence based on the details of your external-facing organizational context, delivering only relevant intelligence that eliminates false positives and alert fatigue. With Cybersixgill ASM, your teams can mitigate and reduce risk more effectively by prioritizing the treatment of exposed assets according to threat urgency, impact severity, and business criticality.

The details: how Cybersixgill asset discovery works 

Cybersixgill ASM enables your security teams to focus resources where they’re needed most by providing the tools for asset discovery, inventory management, and threat monitoring.

  • Continuous external asset discovery. Cybersixgill automatically and continuously discovers and maps known and unknown externally-facing assets and systems connected to your organizational network. By integrating with third-party internal asset inventory solutions like Axonius, Tenable, Arms and Qualys, our asset discovery solution can provide a single source of truth for your entire IT ecosystem.

  • Asset inventory management and threat intelligence. Cybersixgill ASM provides invaluable insight into each asset, including asset association, location, context, associated CVEs, asset type, related/connected assets, associated software and alerts. Customized labels and tags enable user-defined asset classification according to business criticality. Our solution provides summary and detailed views of all assets, including anomalies for specific asset types. Multi-tenant support enables seamless case management, easy differentiation and management of multiple asset inventories across organizations.

  • Threat monitoring. With Cybersixgill, your teams can immediately view asset-triggered alerts of potential exposures, categorized according to asset type. Teams can also automate attribution of potentially high-risk CVEs to affect organizational assets and devices, and prioritize vulnerability treatment based on real-time threat contacts, exploitability and urgency.

Why choose Cybersixgill?

Cybersixgill was founded with a single mission: to protect organizations from malicious cyberattacks that come from the deep and dark web – before those attacks actually materialize.

Our technology provides organizations with exclusive, real-time access to the largest database of deep, dark and clear web threat activity available. With the broadest threat intelligence collection capabilities in the industry, we covertly extract data from a wide range of sources. These include invite-only messaging groups, limited-access and deep and dark web forums and markets, code repositories, paste sites and clear web platforms. Every bit of intelligence is rich with context to provide deeper insight into the nature and source of each threat.

With Cybersixgill, your security teams can:

  • Expose threat actor activity in any language, format or platform.

  • Preempt and block threats as they emerge, before they can be weaponized in an attack.

  • Streamline threat management by seamlessly integrating threat intelligence into existing security stacks according to the unique needs, assets and workflows of the organization.


What is asset discovery?

Asset discovery is the practice of identifying, organizing and monitoring all the hardware and software assets connected to an IT network. Asset discovery enables IT teams to catalog all assets, ensure they are properly configured, manage updates, diagnose problems and determine the criticality of each asset and the risk it represents. 

What are the benefits of automated asset discovery?

Asset discovery is an essential part of cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM). With a clear view of all the assets within an IT ecosystem, security teams can reduce the attack surface by ensuring adequate protections for each external-facing asset and by taking unnecessary assets offline.