What We Do

The web that can be reached by regular search engines like google count for less than 5% of the total world wide web. The Dark Web is more readily accessible, secure and anonymous than ever. The Dark Web today facilitates, on a massive scale, the exchange of illicit information, collaboration on criminal and terrorist plans, and a wealth of other illegal activities

Solutions from Sixgill defuse this digital underworld through automated monitoring of closed, open and hybrid forums and places, advanced analysis and the early exposure of criminal activity.
Using multidisciplinary algorithms, Sixgill profiles hackers and potential hackers according to status and activities. Sixgill analyzes the modus operandi of threat actors, their social networks and their internal hierarchy.
This enables our advanced cyber intelligence platform to track cyber criminals even as they plan malicious activity and often before they attack - highlighting data leaks, exposing illegal marketplaces, pre-empting cybercrime and mitigating cyberattack damage.

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How We Do It

Already used by major multinational institutions, solutions from
Sixgill are available either as fully cloud-based SaaS or optionally on-premise. The Sixgill intelligence
platform is adaptable to any IT environment and seamlessly and rapidly integrates with leading Security
Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms and other key enterprise security solutions.

By continuously crawling the Dark Web's social network, Sixgill automatically and covertly monitors and analyzes illegal activity on a massive scale.
Sixgill exposes malicious activity at the earliest stages of the cybercrime lifecycle with unprecedented accuracy often before the damage is done.


Unlike traditional Dark Web feeds based solely on human intelligence, Sixgills fully automated, intelligent monitoring algorithms provide deeper reach, more comprehensive analysis, and prioritized real-time alerts.


Sixgill's unique Hidden service locators are used to locate and analyse undetected places
within the Dark Web and its social networks. Automated crawlers, based on Sixgill's intellectual property, make it impossible
for monitoring to be tracked and blocked.


Sixgill covers the entire cybercrime cycle from target selection,
reconnaissance and planning to the actual sale of information or goods.


By continuously tracking and discovering communication points across different and evolving darknets, Sixgill can also trace malicious activity back to its original source.


With deep understanding of darknets, Sixgill remains transparent to cyber criminals by closely monitoring activity, but never attempting to influence it.


Who We Are

Sixgill is led by recognized social network analysis, cyber intelligence, enterprise security and SaaS experts.
The experienced Sixgill management team brings broad and multidisciplinary experience with proven records of success.

Complementing the management are experienced and professional technical teams
who together constitute a creative and motivated industry-leading force.
Sixgill is privately backed by prominent and experienced major international investment funds.

Meet The Team

Avi Kasztan


Avi brings to Sixgill more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience in the technology and network security industry

Elad Lavi


Elad has more than 15 years of experience in various technological and management positions in software companies in the areas of BI, Data Visualization, Social Networks and Security.

Inbal Arieli


Inbal is VP at Start-Up Nation Central and Head of the 8200 EISP with more than a decade of experience working with start-ups and building companies of her own.

Amit Meltzer


Amit served for a long time in the intelligence community of the government of Israel, among other roles as CTO at Prime Minister's Office.

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